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odd large red metal box possibly from an emergency vehicle?


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Hi, I have a large Fire engine red metal box about 2ft x2ft x18" with a partly removed see through sticky back plastic sticker, it says:

(in bold black print)



A"........the rest has been ripped off 

(The "A" I assume was APPARATUS)

"ANTI POYS" to me seems a very odd word, it would seem to be English, it's most likly an abreviation of "poison", by why the "Y" ?  (no pun intended)

So Who works with Poison and breathing Apparatus?  Farmers? Chemists? Fire dept? Police?

It has a large suitcase style handle and metal clips on the lid, Because of it's bulky size and weight (more so if full), I can't think it would be carried far so perhaps something normally stored on a vehicle?

I asked a Friend that was in the London fire service for decades he  has never seen a box like it, or with that spelling, perhaps it came from Civil defence or some sort of NBC group?

any thoughts,



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