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More info sought about our Bofors

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We've been looking at the electrical wiring that is on our Bofors 40mm AA gun. A lot of it is for lighting; this is run off a 6v battery and the wiring and connectors are all (naturally) low current. We can trace the wiring runs pretty well.

However..... there are some items we are not sure about. There are a couple of heavy-duty pin sockets just to the left of the ejection chute; one has a lead that goes into the centre of the revolve drum, and another lead that goes to a pretty chunky brass brass socket that is positioned just left of the ejection chute. All this is totally separate from the lighting wiring, and we have no idea what it is all for. It looks like you would plug a power supply into one part of this, and some device that needs power into the other; we have no idea why one lead goes into the revolve drum, as it is inacessible and has not electrical brushes on it. The gun is all manual.... no electric motors anywhere. I'll post some photos below. Any ideas anyone.... ?

Incidentally, from info in the Terry Gander book we now believe that 'our' gun was made in Poland in about 1942 (but to the 1938 design) and was shipped to Portugal.






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