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Question about different Land Rover Lightweight tailgates with pics


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I posted this on another forum but have not gotten an answer yet-I figure I would double my odds by posting here too. I am interested in getting a set of pioneer tools (shovel and pick) for the back of my 1974 RHD FFR lightweight. I have notice several pictures on the net that seem to differ as far as where the head of the pick mounts. On my RHD FFR LW there is the bolt coming out of the center of the tail gate that the pick head goes on. It is supposed to be held on there with a big butterfly nut (which I have). The shovel mounts below the pick head and the pick handle mounts above the pick head. I think that is the common arrangement. On my other lightweight, which is also a 1974, but a LHD and not FFR, it has all the hardware on the back to mount the shovel and pick handle, EXCEPT it does NOT have the big bolt for the pick head to mount on. I thought maybe my LHD was just missing that big bolt, but it seems to never had one as there is not (and never seems to have been) a big bolt mounted there for the pick head. I was looking at several sites on the net and came across a couple of pictures of LW that seems to never have had the big bolt for the pick head either but do have the other mounting hardware for the shovel and pickhandle. My question is... on these LW that never seem to have had the big bolt for the pickhead to mount on the tailgate, where did the pickhead mount? The first three pictures show the bolt for the pickhead and the next two never seem to have had that mounting??



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