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Rolls Royce Operators hand book for Merlin engines

Skint George

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The full title is Rolls Royce Operators hand book and covers Merlin engines &power plants MK. Nos. 22, 24 and T24 .

The hand book was first published in 1944 as some pages show but this actual copy was printed in 1945 with additional amendments for the British Overseas Aircraft Corporation.

The stamps in the hand book show that it was part of the BOAC technical library before being discarded.

The book is complete with colour and black & white photos and diagrams 

No loose pages but a few pages have tatty edges, but only on the edges.

I know of six other copies of this 1945 edition and three are in museums, one supposed to be with the BBMF, one with IWM and another with a private collector in Canada.

There may be more but my internet searches haven't found them yet.

The Canadian collector told me the book was worth about £500.

When I took it to the Antiques Roadshow,  three 'experts' confirmed the valuation.

Incase you're wondering, the book or me or both wasn't interesting enough to be on show.

This book sat in a cupboard for god knows how many years before I saved it from the father in laws skip.

I will upload some photos tomorrow.

Yes I know you can get later copies of the book or even download a version but you can't beat the real thing !

i will advertise this elsewhere but I would prefer it went to an enthusiast and not just a rare book collector.


Ive since been told that the book is realistically worth  £200-£250

Make  me an offer I can't refuse.

Thanks for reading.









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