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Shamouti Ben Yafo


A few questions, esteemed comrades, on the lifestyles and habits of three sub-species of the native Ferret.


Mk1: when used by senior officers as liaison vehicles, given the quoted crew of 2 (and the bench seat in the rear) would they really be expected to man the radio and MG themselves, or travel as supernumerary?


Mk 1/2: quoted crew of 3, yet every photo I've seen of them shows but two; was this general practice, or did the radio operator never, ever pop up to take the air? This seems unlikely to me, but I wasn't there...



And now, the big puzzle. One of the Mk 2 subtypes carried a Bren gun, and I have seen a photo of a vehicle commander aiming his with the weapon supported on the open roof hatch. But why was he doing this in the first place? Highly mobile and rapid Infantry fire support? Even so, what was the tactical reasoning for using a loose weapon rather than the turret Browning? What sort of units were they issued to?


Many thanks, and - as always - my kindest regards.

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