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FV430 vs CVRT Which is more reliable?

BRDM Driver

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Just curious to know what people think.


Either from military experience or private ownership.


I own one of each and I've had slightly more issues with the CVRT but then it is more complex, I guess?


FV430 has the bonkers hydraulic fan drives, CVRT has an ignition system.

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With CVRT you need less heavyweight lifting capacity! You can just about get away with a hobby use engine crane for most CVRT jobs (we've always had the luxury of Militants, Ward LaFrance wreckers and off-road forklifts), so on that front I'd say CVRT is easier (if infuriating at times) to look after. 432 is pack out for a lot of tasks, for which you need a lifting frame and a crane of suitable height and capacity.


In terms of reliability, I can only speak from experience with CVRT but apart from an engine that went bang it's always got us home or (at the very least) driven back to the transporter even when misbehaving with engine/gearbox/steering faults. 432s seem to either work, or not at all. CVRT can also be rescued with a Land Rover in emergencies to a place of safety. 432s you need a large vehicle to shift them. I've seen few 432s at shows with the decks up compared with CVRT though! Once sorted, as long as a CVRT is used fairly regularly they seem ok. Most suffer from lack of use.


CVRT are more fun on the road (I've ridden in 432s on the road) and easier to handle as they are smaller.

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