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catterick centurions


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so whilst in catterick trg area I popped to Cambria lines(as its now called )spoke to a few mates and took some photos of this old girl she was there 25 years ago when I did basic trg I remember praying to the almighty tank as our troop sgts called her now I'm no cent expert but that barrel looks to me like a 17pdr which means she's really old and an early version as I said she was there 25 years ago looking scruffy then 20160308_121117_zpsifgwrhzt.jpg20160308_121123_zps18ov3xrh.jpg20160308_121153_zpskhqjx4lx.jpgalso whilst up there I came across this to the rear of new found England farm 2 chieftans 1with Chinese eyes meaning 1 rtr both mk 11 and a delapedated 432 but also present was this centurion first though the grids if anyone is interested20160305_074205_zpszllkhtvp.jpgnow as I said I'm no expert but that v shape is welded to the front of that cent glacis plate did we have swimming cents 20160305_073904_zpsyg061wcw.jpg20160305_073930_zpsrngmtgnb.jpg20160305_073952_zps1ooa3axo.jpg20160305_074035_zpswlosqooi.jpgthis looks like some sort of extension for a propeller like we had on cvrt meaning the final drive drove the prop while spinning the track and finaly one of the chieftans 20160305_073907_zpswpvszqsi.jpg

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