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Hello , i am Gary and on searching for information on a simca unic im thinking of buying i came across your interesting site.

I thought the vehicle would be unheard of, but you have a fair bit of info on it

I need a vehicle for a gun bus ,Just got to decide whether to buy it or not ,it hasn't run for 18 months



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You can get most of the manuals in French in PDF form from tm-ww2.com in France. I can supply some documentation that came from other sources that I am free to share, if you need them. The engine has much in common with the post-1948 4.2l V8 US Ford Flatheads and the carburettors are Zenith 32NDIX also found in early Porsches - so a lot of spares can be sourced in the USA. Braking system is Bendix air-over-oil (so it will work without air but is hard work) and some parts are apparently the same as the Reo M35. Tyres are 10.5R20 - get Uniroyals or Continentals if replacing, as the Michelin ZXLs deteriorate in storage. Things to check are:


1) Carburettor - usually needs rebuild - runs too rich if accellerator pump piston has perished

2) Brakes - usually seals go in wheel cylinders - they are an inch size roughly 34.5mm. Check brake fluid level as it will be drained if this has happened.

3) Brake light switch - it's hydraulically operated on the back end of the air-driven slave cylinder mounted on the left side of the chassis. Best replaced with a switch operated by the pedal

4) Air system - should get to 8 bar indicated in a minute or so after starting the engine and hold air for 4 or 5 brake applications after a week - check pressure via safety valves under cylinder

5) Hand brakes - these are shoes operating on a drum at the back of the transfer box. If left on they wear rapidly and need adjusting - the heat can also boil the oil in the transfer box which blows out through the seals where the input drive shaft enters - look for large amounts of oil blown back onto the rear axle if this has happened. I fitted a warning switch and light on the hand brake lever.

6) track rod ends and connections between steering rods


All of these are relatively easily fixed.


I have one running (but in need of work) and one spares donor which was partially converted to a diesel engine in need of new homes if you are interested, See my other posts on here for details.





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Hi Iain , sorry about your having to sell your stuff , quite a lot of gear for the money although carriage cost could be a problem , i guess.


The guy selling Simca Sumb MH600BS 18311 wants £500 for it , it was mot'd and running up till xmas 2014 with a carb problem (which i think you have explained earlier) as a beaters wagon.

Do you or anybody else think thats its worth ? , the door bottoms were rotten , but no chassis rot that i could see.

All glass and lights were good , tarp on cab roof and lorry back complete although leaking .

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