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Dallas Dig-Out


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On a nice sunny Sunday I left 'er indoors in slumberland for the local "Dallas (Autoparts) Digout" jumble........every 3-4 months and bloody wonderful......so close to me my car's temperature gauge didn't get above cold....:-D


Best thing about the event is meeting friends and Forum members for a chinwag......followed by a decent coffee and bacon roll !!!....and not necessarily in that order.....


Within minutes of arriving I picked up a 1966 dated Size 8 green 60 Pattern smock in hardly-worn condition for £10.......it's had WO2 badges affixed in the past but no sign of washing or wear, James Smith & Co manufactured, etc.......


Three stalls along, another seller had a plethora of green 60 pattern smocks in used condition (many size 6's !!)......none bad, but he wanted £50 for a "decent" one.........hmmmm....I thought about the price just paid for the one over me arm no more than 6 yards away...:-\


Loadsa stuff there......some good 90s issue DPM para smocks in used condition around £15.......green British parka hoods in all sizes and conditions at £5.......a mint pair of 1970 dated pre-MK3 RAF aircrew cold weather trousers in a size 8 at £10 (didn't buy 'em though....now I'm thinkin' why...???>:()....plus simply loads of other decent stuff.....


I'd recommend this tiny event to anyone.....it's certainly done me good today.....!!!:-D

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I fell out of bed a little after six this morning & left for sunny Dallas just on six thirty . 136 miles later I rolled in there at half eight . My main purpose was to pick up some more paint for the Dodge & hopefully a couple of tyres but after seeing the price I decided to leave them - I suppose they were not unreasonable at £265 each - just more than I could afford . Had a good look around the stalls and picked up a couple of bits on behalf of others . Had hoped to see the chap that used to sell film props and bits in the hope of getting a casualty to ride in the back of the ambulance but I didn't see him there so our search goes on . Loaded up my purchases and headed for home just on eleven .

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