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Has anyone ever seen these bore brushes?

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I was out to my favorite scrapyard a couple weekends ago and amongst the treasures I came across these unidentified bore brushes. They seem to be 105mm, but they are longer than any that I have seen before. They do match up to the C1 (M2A2) howitzer cleaning rods, but there are no ordnance or NSNs on any part of these brushes. It is possible that they are 106 recoiless or else possibly German Leopard, since both those equipments were operated in this area for quite some time. The single one on the right is the regular 105 howitzer brush. Has anyone seen these longer ones before?



Here are some of the other goodies I came across. I already had the more modern double style towing lights, so I was happy to find the earlier style single M-series lights. As well, I found an extra firing arc (I just needed the bottom stop) and also found a Canadian style telescope stowage case for the front armour.


Here you can see the difference between the regular stowage box and the one found on the Cdn 105s and 155s. I suspect it was a later drawing change to accommodate the controls on the later M12A7 panoramic telescope.


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