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Saracen question


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I have a few questions I was hoping some could help me with:


1. My Saracen has a front armor section in front of where the driver sits that folds forward. It also has a section within that armor that folds up with a hydraulic like pump. What is the purpose of the small inner section of the armor that folds up, and why does it only raise slightly?


2. The pump to raise the armor is not working. We have filled the unit with fluid, but it is not working. Any ideas? Asking because it could be operator error and us not knowing what we are doing.



3. Will the Saracen windshields fit in a Mark VI?








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I believe the larger opening is intended to be a driver's escape hatch. Then closed down when you are in an area looking for, or having found trouble. The smaller opening is so you can drive by direct vision or quickly close down for scope driving without leaning out of the large hatch to gain leverage to unfasten and close it. The hydraulic version was on later Mks that were uparmoured.


If this information is misleading or incomplete, someone please correct me.





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As far as I can remember, the small hatch is to allow the driver 'true' vision as opposed to looking through the 2" thick visor block, which is like driving whilst looking through your letterbox.... only smaller. The larger hatch opens to allow the driver quickish entry and exit and can also be secured in the 'down' position when driving for a more open view of the road/track/surroundings. The normal in and out I did was through the back, the seat has a lever to tip the seat back so in effect you lie like an astronaut initially then lift you and the seat up, lock it in position then drive on. As for the small hatch, when it is open it stays up under the hydraulic pressure until you release the pressure by the knurled nut. Daft question but have you closed this before trying to pump the hatch open? Just a thought...

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