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easy hair style


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this is the quickest & easiest way of doing a roll in your hair but only if you are wearing a hat

firstly tie a bandage in a loop & place on top of head like a halo



second , start stuffing hair behind the bandage




give it a tidy up & put hat/cap on either uniform or civilian.




simple, give it a go, you can do it in less than 60 seconds.




ps you do need long hair for this one.

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the hat is to cover the bandage,

if you want to do it properly you need to spend a few months collecting hair out of your hair brush . ( that way it is your own hair in your own colour so people can't see it).

when you have got loads you roll it into a sausage & then fold your own hair over it & pin in place.

I'm lucky that i can cheat especially when I wear my ATS uniform as the cap covers the bandage at the front.



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the most comfortable & reasonably priced ATS uniform is the denim coveralls. they are fairly widly available & all you need are the coveralls - tan shirt - tie -leather jerkin - brown shoes or boots & I wear a GS cap(the same as the mans) as opposed to the ATS cap. They also wore a GS beret after 1944.

i will try & get some photos up together.

You don't have to go down the more expensive BD route or the best dress ( skirt & jacket)

I got my coveralls for £35.00

leather jerkin £10.00

Tie £2.00

shirt £4.00

boots £25.00 ( from stead & simpson)

GS cap £20.00

you can pick it all up from malvern / stonleigh as i did a couple of years ago.

as I said I'll get some photos up together & pop them on here.



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