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Bomber Boys


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Bomber Boys is by Kevin Wilson and covers the events of 1943 as Bomber Command built up it's strength and got very serious. The book is subtitled The Ruhr, The Dambusters and Berlin. They are all included in depth. The Dambusters bit is wellwritten and brief enough because we all "know" the story - there was a lot of info from the German civilian perspective which I personally had not seen before. The vast amount of this book is the day to day grind of life in Bomber Command attacking German, French and Italian targets and suffering all kinds of hell for it. The basis of it all is personal accounts from the living, recently living and diaries of the dead. It is a fantastic book. Wilson is apparently doing the same for 1944 which, if it is anything like this, will be a gem.

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In my job, I get to speak to many old people.

Last week I was speaking to a rear gunner on a Lanc

He flew 35 trips over German forces.

He told me how just as he was getting into his aircraft for a trip, his pilot wouldn't let him fly as he had an eye infection which might reduce his night vision. A relief gunner took his place. The aircraft didn't return!


When you look at these old men walking down the street, I don't think any of us really know what they went though, and how much they risked.


Another time while working, I met this short frail Scottish chap. I saw a brevet on his bed side cabinet. I had a quick look, and it had a SAS badge on it, so I asked him about it.

He said he was in the first batch on men to get into the SAS. He recalled several stories about Sterling.

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