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Jack ...what about ?


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A Dealer feedback forum....where we can share MV parts deals ,prices,bargains and uniform buys and bargains also the " horror" stories so our members know who to avoid !!


Yes or a little too abrasive for a public forum :wink:


Also a "Who We are" picture section.... :roll:





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Correct Matt i agree but some well prepared "advice" cant go amiss...


I mean what about me and my "most original Jeep you will ever see....hundreds spent on restoration!!!!!................."


Yes original 1942 condition..... :evil:


..covered by a coat of paint..... :x



and hundreds spent on resatoration....


YES BY ME ......................... :oops:





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Hi Lloyd,


I know what you mean,I've bought parts in the past as being "New Old Stock" only to find they are,or rather were,untill they were stored in some damp building for 50+years and are as rusty as a relic!


I must admit for Dodge and GMC parts I buy a lot from the US and have never had any problems,apart from those B%$&!rds in UK customs!


I have an idea,Jack can we have a section for the :twisted: :twisted: that is HM Customs??!!!



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