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Home Guard Push Bike Project



Morning All,

The fact that I'm writing this at 0352 just goes to show how serious this is - I can't sleep dammit!!


Incoherent thought No1 - I can't find anywhere on the Forum devoted to push bikes so unless I'm being really dense this seems like a considerable ommission - our local club show has a section and, indeed, an annual prize for the best military pushbike. A simple military vehicle but an effective one - just ask the Japanese.


Incoherent thought No 2 - as my grandfather served in the Home Guard in WW2, I've long had a fancy for restoring a wartime or better yet pre-war push bike to represent one used by the HG - a few ebay sourced bits and pieces and bingo - an interesting MV that I can also use to get me around Beltring next year.


To that end, what I think is a suitable machine came into my possession yesterday but there is little or no information anywhere on t'internet to help me date it - I would be really grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction - its a Phillips (unfortunately not the military spec model - that would be a great find) - I can post a pic with a more fulsome description later depending on response.


Right, thats off my chest now, I'm off back to bed:yawn:

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Good thinking - I'll check it out..........


I have attached a couple of pictures in case anyone out there can say with complete certainty "aha, thats definitely a 1937 Phillips Thingumyjig Mk2 as shown by the depth of the patina on the cotter pins which, of course, any fool knows..........."


Wishful thinking perhaps but I'd really like this to work out




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