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dvla road tax problems

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Hi Guys,

been chasing up the dvla, as I did not receive my v5 doc, or tax reminder for the scorpion I road registered over a year ago. Was asked to take up all my doc to my local dvla centre at chelmsford for them to re-view the paperwork.

They looked at the papers and gave me a new tax disk. The kind lady dealing with my

problem then explained why the dvla has tightened up the regisation of vehicles where hull numbers are quoted, and why they are stating you will have to take your vehicle to a dvla centre or have it inspected or get the MVT to do it.


It would appear that the registing of my scorpion set the alarm bells ringing as someone else has registered a vehicle with the same hull number...


They did view my vehicle when it was registered and have told me they are happy my vehicle is correct.


However they have tried to contact the owner(s) of the other vehicle and they are aware it has changed hands a few time since it was registered, but they have had no response to their enquires.


They told they are going to wait until someone tries to tax it again.

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