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  1. some Pictures ,slowly it continuous regards
  2. Hello It's slowly going on again,there was alittle break of the restoration of the Munga because the wife of my friend died and he got cancer after it.But he is recovering very well. regards
  3. Our newest selfmade itemholder for "Frischoelautomatik"
  4. Hello, some new pictures of the car and his garage
  5. some new picture again best regards Oerbi
  6. Hello everybody I have some new pictures for you. Because I had to build a new garage for my Munga, everything tooks a little longer. best regards Oerbi
  7. ?Articulated shaft? The clutch ?The carburetor? And the original colour The ?under-carriage? will be in green and the autobody will be in the original colour. Its slowing going on...will post new pictures if you want. http://74295.homepagemodules.de/t3801f50-Umbau-in-den-Originalzustand.html Regards Oerbi
  8. During the blasting The axle gear New liners for the blade springs The dynamo machine Some laminations
  9. Thanks. This is my munga 6. To get the car history i used the chassis number. It was a munga of the Royal Air Force, so i decided to restore it that way. The beginning: As u can see, very dirty and ?scruffy? ! The chassis is brought to our work place The new rear bumper bar. The new vehicle frame, primed and coated. Some parts after the sand blasting and galvanised Some laminations and finished parts
  10. Hello again, i have found the color for my munga. It is "RAL 5011". Still hoping, that someone of you could send me pictures. Regards Oerbi
  11. Im restoring a Munga 6. The "Car-History" says, it is a british Munga and was used by the Royal Air Force in Berlin. You can see one of those Mungas in this video at 01:13 and 02:06. The color of it is Royal Air Force Blue. Perhaps, anybody of you knows the color-code of it. I already talked with "mogmaner" about some pictures, but perhaps anybody of you has got some too. You can see my work at. http://74295.homepagemodules.de/t3801f50-Umbau-in-den-Originalzustand.html Regards Oerbi
  12. Hi, i'm Dirk (54y) from Bocholt in Germany and restoring my "Munga 6". Regards Dirk
  13. Hi, if someone of you is interested, you can see my work at: http://74295.homepagemodules.de/t3801f50-Umbau-in-den-Originalzustand.html Regards Oerbi
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