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  1. Checking interest in a restauration project that is 70% finished. All difficult to find parts available. For info and pictures pls send pm.
  2. Preferabel a Clarktor 6 any Standard or Mill, as long as it is confirmed WW2 built.
  3. Looking for a genuine Clark WW2 Aircraft tug. Preferably running and complete. Offes by pm please. Thank you, Towbarlover
  4. Looking for a WW2 US Army 2 1/2 tons Hobbs trailer. PM please with info / offer. Towbarlover
  5. Still lurking...…………. Semi's have my interest too. Towbarlover
  6. WTB any rare WW2 US Army trailer. Towbarlover
  7. Commemorating 70 years of Liberation of Eastern and Northern Holland. A 2 1/2 weeks lasting event using the tank- and wheeltracks of our British, Canadian, Polish and French Liberators on the genuine days of liberation back in 1945. WWW.thefinalpush2015.com helps for information. A 350 miles long trip with all aspects of Liberation being organized in one event!! Robert van't Oost +31 653 167136 / email: towbarlover
  8. Fully agree basically; GMC in Holland is in samo sort of old brown / red colour too........ Towbarlover
  9. Have you already discovered the hood-number? All US Army Fire Trucks hood-numbers start with 50 and then followed by 4 more digits. Jim Davis (through me) could provide all further (DoD) info on this truck. It is a lovely beast............. 3 Years ago a same type of firetruck was imported into Holland, being a GMC though........ Any plans to restore to original O.D. painting? Towbarlover (Owner of Chevrolet 4X4 Class 325 Fire Truck - see article in Classic Military Vehicles)
  10. http://www.stoomstichting.nl/Display.php?Subject=8811 British War Department Steam Loco, still in use in Rotterdam / Holland. No air brakes............!!! Towbarlover
  11. Cannot find any buttons on your website Martin: is this my p/c's fault? Otherwise, be aware that various Dutch Vehicles Preservation Associations together with Re-enacters and Liberty Organizations under the name of Foundation Operation Market Garden 2014 (OMG2014) are creating a large 10 days event around Market Garden Commemoration that year. The route of Hells Highway from Leopoldsburg to Arnhem will be followed and we expect some 750 trucks and tanks to participate. If you add another 250+ vehicles already being in Arnhem at the time we'll arrive, you cannot expect many participants in the UK................ Unless of course your event takes place on the continent, but in that case I would certainly have contact with us how we can avoid doubling the tracks.............. Towbarlover
  12. On the cab bow would suggest to contact Jacob Rietveld of Rietveld Autoparts in Belgium. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?hl=nl&q=cache:r2ZiU7BIsfYJ:http://www.milweb.net/go/rietveld/%2BRietveld+Autoparts&gbv=2&rlz=1W1ADRA_nlBE370&gs_l=heirloom-hp.3..0.3868.8028.0.9076. or email address jacob.rietveld@telenet.be . He is travelling to the US regularly, so could take it with him........ Good luck, Towbarlover
  13. Agree to Mack NM; NR has no winch placed between the cab and cargo department. See space on the picture...... Towbarlover
  14. I am missing the 968 input / pictures........... No such trucks in the UK? Towbarlover
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