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  1. Thanks again Radiomike. No idea why the link will not work for me but funnily enough this idea is plan b. And there was me thinking I was ahead of the game....😀
  2. Thank you Radiomike. I will look up Taskers. Seems a shame to send the lot to scrap man..
  3. Hello there Tyres are shot! would you happen to know what type of trailer this once was? thanks mac
  4. Have four 10.5/13 WD split rims attached to turntable trailer. Somewhat odd axle arrangement in that each wheel has its own axle and suspension which I imagine is great when off road. Trailer used to have hydraulic brakes judging by copper pipe work. also got two Dyson axles plus rims. Any interest?
  5. Thanks Admin for the approval. Owner of two much enjoyed S3 Lightweights one of which was fitted with a Wombat. Would love to put back together as it was so sniffing about for bits whilst the chief bean counter is asleep. Macvfork
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