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  1. I can vouch for the quality of Jons work, the L37A1 he produced was for me to go in my Scimitar. I have since shown it to the London proof master , who said it was too good a copy but cannot be considered a firearm {praise indeed}. I am about to get Jon to build me an L43A1 for my Scorpion.
  2. Indeed it is Richard , but not everybody wants to go to W&P .
  3. The Military world show is back, and will take place at Abingdon airfield near Oxford on 20-22 July 2018 .
  4. As the title says, Blind veterans u.k. (formerly St Dunstans) are holding an event to mark Armed forces day 2017 at their Brighton centre. The event will take place on Sunday 25 june and they are looking for vehicles ,re enactors and displays. If you can help please contact Stacey Jones at the centre. Her e-mail is Stacey.jones@blindveterans.org.uk Thanks.
  5. I'm going, looks like it's going to be a good bash.
  6. it replaced the old plinth saladin at Lulworth camp.
  7. The UN white scimitars that appeared for sale in the U.K. were last used on OPERATION RESTORE HOPE in SOMALIA. My one 65260 had graffiti about Somalia scratched into the paint.
  8. Hi Richard, My Sabre 04FD01 also started its service life with 14/20 hussars at wulfenbuttel in 1973, spooky that they're both in Dorset now. I'll dig out the rest of it's history to see if they have anything else in common, I think you'll find that 2 A.D.S. stands for armoured delivery squadron. All the best Andy
  9. Hi Robin,Thanks for the wlcome and yes your correct 02FD43 is a cvrt registration,my scorpions to be exact. I also have a sabre and scimitar (currently under rebuild).
  10. Just a quick intro from another newbie. My name is Andy and i come from Dorset and have had military vehicles for the last 20 years. I am ex REME.
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