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  1. Hello John, any news on your Churchill restoration sorry to dive in on this thread but could not find anything on the churchill best regards Guy
  2. Now thats awsome cool, more please :-D The engine looks like its missing the bottom of the crank case is that a rusty big end we are looking at and crank shaft , so there is an engine in there and looking at what the weatcroft collection can do, there is a possibility of a restored engine. well maybe given loads of cash that is. This may also explain why there was a mass oil leak some time ago and yes timbo your correct that the engine was donated to Tiger 131 as it was an easier engine to fix was less troublesome and available (I think that the engine from 131 was sectioned years ago by the royal engineers not sure of the regiment but sectioning was done) I do have to say one thing is it not strange that something so bad and a symbol of death and destruction can turn to something so good as in a major tourist attraction, a study piece for modern engineers and given the funds a working living wonder) I have pictures of 300 then (battle of the bulge casualty and pre battle with german engineers) and now at Bov do any of you know where tiger II 104 was taken. ?
  3. hi all yes I do mean the la Gleize 213 Kt anyone have pictures of the in side
  4. hi again, The drive flange is part of the turet Drive system the experts can explain whats whats,,, Correct the interior is in good condition as you would expect from the Tank museum, however its bare there is no transmission and most internal fittings are missing, the turret however a complete contrast and is almost totally complete. The other tiger II is as bare all over as well including the turret, Btw the belgium king tiger 132 is also in the same condition no engine and no transmission most bits missing. does any one out there have any pictures of the internals of the othe kings around the world,,,,? regards G
  5. Hi, I really like this idea and looking at the wreck its mind blowing the pictures were taken May this year 2011 with visability at 22 metres all I can say is wow and go for it. The tanks recovered in France were not treated straight away and spent many months without treatment in the open I remember when they were first recovered well the first one or two, If I remember correctly one was a Preist and due to oil and silt ladened with oil, resulting in the personal effects of some of the crew being intact enough to read letters these were recovered including a leather jacket with a guys name in it and by careful checking with the US war department he was traced and reunited with his kit all be it in a different condition to the last time he saw it. Im sure some of you will have more details on this..? My point is corrosion if not treated straight away can lead to complete deteration in a short time the condition of the French kit is parcially due to this. with the correct work there is no reason that you could end up With a reasonable exhibit especially as these were in the process of being delivered in that no doubt that the majority of the tanks will have been treated and sealed for the journey across the salty waters of the Atlantic. you never know what you will find. BTW and unfortunatly the valantine tanks in Studland as far as I can find out have all been destroyed to a point of beams and bogies due to a Diver recovering live Amo in the 1990s the RN decided in the interests of public safety to blow them up. I truly hope this is wrong and something is more or less intact. follow you dreams as its better to regret something you have done rather than regreting not doing anything good luck guys The Photographer
  6. Hi guys the inside looks like this its empty needs lots and lots to fill the space before it can run best regards Guy M Evans
  7. Dear all, I m an engineer that just happens to love military vehicles of all ages and types, I am truly fascinated by any restoration be it plane, Tank, truck, or steam engine, it makes no difference. I dream of having the skill to restore something in the same fashion as the WW1 Denis Team on this site all I can say is Wow dedication and devotion a truly remarkable restoration. I have 1 belief mechanical things should work not stand idle in a museum; Planes should fly tanks role and trucks truck. I am a photographer not strictly professional, but as part of this I take pictures of military vehicles aircraft included, these are usually hidden away in the little industrial estates, private collections, road sides attractions etc. I travel a lot all over Europe and the UK. The benefit of this is I get the opportunity on occasion to view projects otherwise kept under raps hidden away or just happen to be on route. So hello all and best regards TP
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