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  1. Hi Deadline, Thanks for the tip with the bolt. I have seen pictures of the braided oil lines on early Jeeps, and went with it. I'm not doing a 'factory standard' rebuild, but if I'm getting replacement parts, I am trying to get it right. Similarly the radiator hose; the red striped top hose is a Ford part (full length rubber for the early Jeep). Cheers Simon
  2. Hi Murray, I think you could be right, but I am not 100% sure. I think the change was around May 42, and earlier ones were retro-fitted. Others will know for sure. Mine GPW is 12th May 42 DoD and it does have the torque spring fitted. Cheers Simon
  3. Hi Murray, These pictures of my work in progress might help? The first shows the long oil line route from the oil filter down past the fuel pump. The second shows the oil line 'nestling' past the oil pump before going in to the lower union. Unless someone can suggest another method, I have found that saw cutting a slot in to the top of the fuel pump bolt is the only way I can tighten the b*gger up, using a large screwdriver, as I can't get a spanner or socket anywhere near it! Cheers Simon
  4. Thanks Guys, Clearly a little more research needed! Cheers Simon
  5. Hi All, 65 years ago today, my Ford GPW was "Rebuilt to Class 1" by Army Auxiliary Workshop 'B6', as shown on the plate attached to the glove box (picture attached below). Can anyone tell me anything about Workshop B6? I have posted this here, as although my Jeep is American built, it was used by the British and came out of service in 1951. Any help gratefully received! Cheers Simon
  6. Great event today! It makes a change to have a Militaria fair on the doorstep, and this one will grow and grow. Good atmosphere, plenty of punters despite the weather all week, and a good venue. Well done team! Cheers Simon
  7. Hi all, I'm in Newark, and the snow is melting quite quickly! Definitely a touch warmer than yesterday (not quite T shirt weather yet, though....!) Looking forward to tomorrow! Cheers S.
  8. Hi Rick, Here is a good start for fellow '42 GPW owner; http://www.g503.com/parts/bond-gpw.htm I'll get my AAW and let you know the lengths if I can. Keep 'em Rolling Cheers S.
  9. Here are a couple of views of the GTB that was at the Thunder over Michigan show in August. A really nice vehicle!
  10. .... and here is a shot of M5Clive taking some snaps of 3 B-17's and a B-24 in formation. PS, Clive, what happened to my hat.......?
  11. A good first day at the show; plenty going on! As for pics; they will be appearing in the Pathfinder magazine in the fullness of time as part of a show report article that Welbourn and I will be putting together, but in the mean time, here is a taster of the sort of action we saw today (as well as the 8 B-17's flying otgether....);
  12. I'll take that as a 'No', then....... ;-) Very excited; fly tomorrow S.
  13. Another Half-Track confirmed for RTV this morning (Keith, as discussed on Wednesday), so the convoys are looking like they will be as spectacular as last time! Keep 'em Rolling S.
  14. Anybody else going to this year's airshow at Willow Run, Michigan, 7th & 8th August? http://yankeeairmuseum.org/airshow/ 'Welbourn' and I will be returning this year to see potentially 9 B-17's in the air (might have a ride in one, again...!) as well as other war-birds (Me 262 promised), and a pretty impressive set of mock battles. Flights booked...... excitement building already! Keep 'em Rolling S.
  15. The event is looking like it will be big! Here is a summary of the re-enactment groups taking part in the weekend; NW 101st Airborne (Confirmed) All American Pathfinders (Confirmed) Airborne Eagles (Confirmed) Royal Navy 30 Assault Group (HMS) (Confirmed) 124th Fd Regt RA, 50th Div (The Garrison) (Confirmed) 1st Air Landing Regiment 1st Airborne Div (Summer 44) (Confirmed) 1st Belgium Artillery 1st Bn Leicestershire Regt, 49th Div (Confirmed) 1st Bn Hampshire Regt, 50th Div (Confirmed) 2nd Bn Devonshire Regt, 50th Div (Confirmed) 4th Bn Wiltshire Regt, 43rd Div (Confirmed) 2nd Bn Gloucestershire Regt 49th Div (Confirmed) 2nd Bn Royal Warwickshire Regt, 3rd Div D&C Light Infantry (Confirmed) 4th Bn Dorset Regt, 43rd Div (Confirmed) 4th KOSB Regt, 52nd Div 4th/6th RWFs 53rd Div Military and Civilian Police (Confirmed) 43rd Recce (Confirmed) 30 Corps HQ 25 Bomb Disposal (Confirmed) 93rd Searchlight Regiment RA (ATS) (Confirmed) Some of these groups are bringing their own vehicles, so will further swell the ranks of vehicles taking part. Keep 'em Rolling S.
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