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  1. this must date it as 1914/1915 based on my CB being chassis 2616 and dated 1915 Richard
  2. earthing is an art in itself, on the more modern military field (post ww2) you need to look at earth return systems (saves money in build and can help protect equipment), rust and the prevention, Radio frequency supression, RF signature (so the enemy can't here you) EMC (compatibility so you power systems dont muck up data) and finally EMP, Electro Mangetic Pulse (A-bomb or pulse weapon) for catweasle the big LR problem is Alli and steel, you get the electrolytic at contact points (including any dissimilar metals bridges by water) and the alli works as a big sacrficial annode)*** too late again *** the change from + to - to slow down the chassis rusting. a good point but off topic some what - if you use those nice shiney stainless steel bit on you rebuild, those original (rare) plain steel bits will corrode like billyoh, even if they are not touching (this is a big problem we have at work big black plain steel sausage with a nice shiny stainless and err very heavy metal steam generation plant.
  3. Steve, at one point you mention the carb iceing on the outside, and also back firing enough to destroy the silencer. the question I would ask is if you leave the FDW stood for say half an hour will it start and run for a short time? When we gave up on LRP and went ot ULP on out 1931 MG race car, we suffered almost identical problems, which in the end turnned out purely to be carb icing, the ice on the outside cleared as the engine warmed , but above the main jet (downdraft su) we had a pancake of thin white ice and the engine was running so rich it had no power and an inferno in the exhaust! This took an age to find as I had never though of looking down the throat of the carb and by the time I was looking at the carb it would have melted. Anyway a chap who I race hstoric formula 3 with works for a petrol co. as a chemist and he said it was due to the mix of unleaded (he did tell me the technical reasons but it went way over my head as you couldn't fixit with a hammer!) Richard.
  4. got to agree there Tony, a cracking program.
  5. rbm


    What type of governor is fitted to an FWD? there is a 1916 Monarch on fleebay at the moment http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Parts-Accessories_Vintage-Car-Truck-Parts-Accessories__Stromberg-Carb-M-1-1913-with-Monarch-Governor-1916_W0QQitemZ330309707350QQddnZPartsQ20Q26Q20AccessoriesQQadiZ3360QQddiZ2811QQadnZVintageQ20CarQ20Q26Q20TruckQ20PartsQ20Q26Q20AccessoriesQQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories?hash=item330309707350&_trksid=p4506.c0.m245&_trkparms=72%3A543%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318
  6. rbm


    with both the chaps in the background not being in uniform, I was thinking this may be post armistice. I take it that the polished alli and brass would have been painted originally? Is the Daimler is not at Beamish anymore? I thought it had pneumatics on it last time I saw it(but that might be down to my poor memory)
  7. rbm


    No. The chap we bought our CB22 Daimler off (who was at the time going to turn it in to a trailer if he couldn't sell it!) also had a later larger Daimler (Y type?) which I guess whould be the one you saw, it was a rolling chassis when I last saw it (over 10 years ago) This had been extended into a charabanc some time after the war, he was putting it back together and had 'robbed' a number of bits off the CB22 before he sold us it (quite cheaply it has to be said). when we loaded up the Daimler it has to be said the overhead dockyard cranes made it som much easier! Tim - what a great picture , now we have someting to aim at. the Crossley came with the Daimler, the chap had picked it up from some where 30 miles away (I think - but it is a while ago) from Chatham, he had collected it the night before for us and it was one of I thnk 6 or 7 and it was the most complete.
  8. rbm


    Daimler 20hp project a slightly later CK22 (c1918-1920) the day after a 23 hour round trip from the lakes to the royal dockyard at Chatham, Daimler with Crossley bi-block engine on top. the Daimlers rad in the spare bedroom gearbox in the cellar on top of a milk kit to keep it out of the tide. gearbox top showing date 27/9/1915. so I thought following after the other great WW1 rebuild threads I'd start one for our Daimler over the last 15 years or so I've done ... ... well nowt.
  9. rbm

    WW1 WD paint?

    some time soon, at the moment the Daimler is hidden under the rest of this winters hay, and some bags of sheep feed, the sheep live under it and a cat has moved in on top. I'll try and take some pictures over the weekend, might even move the hay and find the Crossley engine thats on a pallet on the back.
  10. was there a WD standard paint for lorries in the first world war? if so does anyone have a more moden code for it. my background working with those very un-british black sinking things, we still have certain items that are based on WW1 naval requirments, including suppling a bag of wooden pegs to plug any holes amongst others - anyway even back pre WW1 the Navy had standards for most things, and if not to standard then not allowed.
  11. rbm


    what are the 2 truck in the background of the wild FWD picture?
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