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  1. Thank you again Adrian I will keep that in mind. I had actually made an account and posted regarding the wool trench on that website! I thought I would try on here too as I already had an account. I’m sure it will come in very useful going forward 🙂 Thanks again 🙂
  2. I actually have another coat which is a rain coat I would have dated 60s or 70s And given the info on ginetex it would confirm ‘75 or earlier! How long would they have used ‘made in England’ for? Also any sources of reference that you know of would be particularly helpful to confirm manufacturing date of any other clothes that I find! Thanks!
  3. That does help thank you very much
  4. Very useful information, thank you Adrian this helped a lot!
  5. Hi I’m trying to identify how old this coat is.. my first guess was 40s or earlier and possibly military due to the scratchy wool mix material and the numbered label.. I have referred to this post but there are no matches Please help If you can or correct me if I’m wrong, thanks!
  6. Hi everybody, I’ve joined the forum to get some help with our tent shown on the attached picture which we have used for a few private and public events. Unfortunately there are bits and pieces which are missing, broken as well as a few rips and thinning of the canvas and ropes. I came across a link to this website where someone had posted a few pages of a ‘book of tentage’ for tents such as these, hence me signing up to this forum. Does anybody know where we could get a full ‘book of tentage’ in order for us to make sure we have all of the parts and instructions to put up
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