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  1. i am looking for a bl5.5 howitzer breech barrel and recuperator assembly to build a replica 6inch 26cwt howitzer it is ok if the barrel is damaged as it will be cut down any help is appreciated
  2. i was lucky to find some rather rough lp2 nz made bren gun carrier suspension for this and the track is worn i will dig out some photos of the build tonight
  3. here is a video of my replica ford maultier we recently go going
  4. rob that were the martin parry kits off the main castings are the same for limbers and guns just a few of the other parts differ as to what they are on i am keen on anything i can get my hands on thanks peter
  5. sorry should have stated the soft rubber type of underlay that does not have the woven material as it also burns when fired but holds the powder back enough and keeps the foam from shifting the powder away from the primer
  6. we have had good results with the builders expanding foam as a wad as it burns compleatly on ignition and can gold a sheet at 10ft and nothing touches it i guess your laws might be differnt but we can safely use our blanks with reanactors about
  7. for blank loading we use a heavy steel case turned up to suit the chamber with a shot gun primer in the rear and 1/6 plound of black powder ffg grade and a square rubber carpet underfelt and builders expanding foam as wadding works really well in our 6pdr and mates ww1 krupp
  8. does anybody have a limber or parts of for a qf4.5 howitzer also looking for martin parry conversion as i am resorting a 4.5 howitzer and would like to be able to tow it behind my 1940 ford marmon herrington
  9. i am looking for a firing mech for a 6pdr 7cwt antitank gun to get my gun back to blank firing any leads are much appreciated
  10. can anybody tell me the outside diameter of the standard bridge plate as i am making a stamping die to make new ones for our military vehicles much apreciated
  11. hi do you want photos of indivial parts or just built up . the gun looks to be a late model spit trail 18pdr
  12. hi im a little new to this but i have 2 trailers that require 10.50-13 tyres 4 each plus spares ie brockhouse fuel tankers. i am looking to get a tyre company in india to produce these for us /me . is the any body else that would like these as the more we get the cheaper they are
  13. hi my name is peter orchard i live in new zealand and collect military vehicles and artilery some of my collection 1939 brockhouse mk1 fuel tanker 1940 brockhouse mk2 flat deck trailer 1940 ford marmon herrington 4x4 18 or 25pdr gun tractor 1941 ford marmon herrington 6x6 gs truck 1942 nz made lp2 bren gun carrier 1943 ford 4x2 militarised nz special truck 1942 6pr 7cwt anti tank gun 1945 25pdr gun / howitzer and limber 1945 ford f60 cmp 1945 ford maultlier replica halftrack
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