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Flying flea parts

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Terry Roberts (Metal Magic) in Hampshire makes reproduction headlamps, blackout masks and lots of other parts for Fleas and James ML's.  metaltel@yahoo.co.uk  but better to phone on 01189 731631.

I assume you realize that yours is a post war civilian model.....(and only paid accordingly).


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The Flea at Dutch Lion doesn't look wartime to me. The first and most obvious difference was that the saddle was moved up and back to accommodate the re-positioned tool box in order to make room for the maze are filter and choke mechanism on the WD/RE.

The saddle nose bracket on a post-war Flea is more like an upside down 'comma' and the wartime bracket is taller and straight.

The embossed 'Royal Enfield' timing cover is postwar and so is the exhaust system with the push on port on the cylinder barrel. The wartime barrel has a screw on exhaust. I notice also that the headlamp and a number of other things are civilian.   Ron



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There are numerous differences............as Ron has already mentioned, the frame, toolbox, carburetter and cylinder barrel differ from the civvy versions, as do the exhaust pipe and head/tail lights...........

But there are numerous other differences too..........these include the crankshaft assembly (narrower on wartime Flea's), the crankcase itself (more "web-like" inside to reduce weight), the kick-start assembly, the footrests and mounts, the handlebars (at a different angle to the civvy version), the fuel tank filler cap, the HT lead assembly, headlight mounting brackets (in length) and in some military production different wheel bearing assemblies (cup and cone, although ball-journal bearings used as well)............

It is a massive task converting a civvy Flea into a wartime replica model.............many parts are near-impossible to find and/or expensive....................

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I am not trying to cause trouble but one option would be to dress up the 'civilian' version to replicate a WW2 bike to sample the 'delights' of a small 1940's 2-stroke?  As already pointed out by wdbikemad original bikes and parts are getting expensive and well out of the range of us folk who can't afford the real thing but  who like riding old bikes.  Another issue is that if I was riding a valuable bike I would be reluctant to use it casually as an every day bike for shopping/fun as I do my replica side car outfit.

The big problem, of course, are the crooks who sell replica bikes as genuine bikes.  For example BSA Goldstars!

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Absolutely nothing wrong with owning and riding a post war civilian bike, but why bother to make it into something it isn't. A 1948 shiny Flea in its correct livery could be a joy its owner. 

The original query was to determine if the bike for sale was what it is advertised as.....Judging by the nearly 5 grand price tag, the seller would clearly like to think it is☹️.  Ron  

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Regarding repro's, the above Dutch seller also had a so called "Flea" for sale, with a bogus story, and high price, but the fact was, it wasn't even a Flea!! it was a Swedish NV Bolagen, a Royal Enfield engined postwar bike, I only have the pictures from before they painted it green, but the frame, forks, wheels etc. are very different !

Hope nobody bought it, as that was a nasty piece of conwork! 




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