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Bofor 40mm gun corrector

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Hello !  I'm a volunteer worker at an aviation museum, one of a team looking after and displaying a Bofors 40mm in AA configuration.  It's been tucked away at the back of a hangar for 20 years and thi sis the first time a team has been assembled to work on it.  We're trying to put together a maintenance programme for it for the winter season... including re-tempering the accumulator / balance springs.

The gun is understood to have been made in 1938 or 1939 for the Portugese (and indeed there are Portugese markings on the corrector and one or two other places) but we dont know of any further history.  A number '10' is stamped in a number of places but we're not sure of the significance.

We're also unsure about the intended operation of the corrector and some of the sight adjustment, and a mysterious dial at the base of the corrector.  So, does anyone have access to general manuals for Bofirs guns of this period, and in particular does anyone have information about how the corrector was operated ?


Many thanks







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If you search "Bofors 40mm AA manual" you will find a number of manuals that will hopefully be of use to you.

Also, welcome to the forum.

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Just to catch up... we got hold of the 1941 manual which had just enough information in it that we now understand how this corrector is used (and why it turns when the gun is traversed) .

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