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  1. Microfiche reader

    Would agree with Larry on this ,as a while ago i was able to purchase a ex Bedford dealers set of fiche's which were of a large size 10 x 8 inch , took them to the local library only to find that the machines there would not read them ,as they would not fit . Then by a stroke of luck found the correct reader on ebay , which was also an ex dealers machine , must have been specially made for Bedfords as have never come across fiches of that size again , this has given me a fantastic resource of info, as the fiches are of every Bedford made from the 60s onwards. Out of interest is it a flatbed reader ?, as also have a set of Leyland fiches which are of a size 6x4 inch , but no reader .
  2. New post button

    Brilliant , new post button makes is so easy to see what has being posted and keep up Well done
  3. Mystery Items!

    Item 4 , FV166354/2 : cable battery pos to radio junction box , LV6 /MT4/LU/815995 FV166353/1. : cable battery neg to radio junction box , LV6/MT4/LU/ 815996 both from F.F.W Champ
  4. Brake/fuel pipes?

    had the same issue when doing the pipes on my bedford , the solution found a local fabrication shop that had a set of rolling bars with a grove in them for pipe , then just passed them through untill pipie was straight , bit like reverse bending did this as one lenghth ,just taking out a little each pass, excelent results , would now cut pipe inch or so over length and do same.
  5. What's Sean got now?

    These are for a champ , J5228 socket RH J5229 socket LH