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  1. thanks for the info lads
  2. evening folks, does anyone know the RAL number for the white paint used on the cvrt cummins? cheers justin
  3. I never had any problems starting mine ,hot or cold justin
  4. evening all , I have a serious hydraulic oil leak on the steering rack (mk 2 ) is it possible to change the seals on the right hand ram (looking from the top) with everthing in situ or should I remove the whole thing? cheers justin
  5. i'd quite like to build a propane rarden for the sabre ,would these boards do the job and how complicated is the rest of the engineering? justin
  6. The dipstick and tube are there and the flywheel , pretty sure the drain tap is there as well
  7. Brilliant , glad it’s being saved , just about got mine sorted now , just need to find or make the swim steering levers in the cab and finish swapping the seals .
  8. I have an old seized engine in the workshop , I’ll have a look tomorrow
  9. looking good chap . brings back some memories of the mess mine was in.
  10. Ok , thanks for looking regards justin
  11. That would be brilliant , thanks . i know the stolly takes 14:00 x 20 tyres cheers justin
  12. evening all . I'm after a spare wheel for a mk 2 stolly if anyone has one ,tyre or no tyre . cheers justin
  13. evening folks . my cvrt has an annoying problem where in reverse and turning at the same time it tries to jump a tooth on the sprockets! all the shims and spacers are as the emers and the sprockets are in good condition /track tension correct . the only fault I know of Is a slightly lazy torsion bar . any ideas? regards, justin
  14. that would be brilliant ,thanks justin
  15. does anyone have the part no for the small pin which threads through the brake lining to attach to the spring on the bracket ? it effectively holds the brake lining off the drum when the handbrake isn't in use . cheers justin
  16. its highly likely the injectors are generic so you may be able to get them rebuilt. j
  17. xmod used to stock a lot of 432 stuff but ive not looked for ages ,someone was selling packs on milweb. have you tried the forum ? cheers justin
  18. is it possible to change the seals without removing the big nuts ?or would it be easier to just change the pinion unit complete as I already have some of each hand . just discovered a leaking seal now I've put oil back in. cheers justin
  19. i'll have a rummage around . I may have the bits you need down at the unit
  20. three of mine are brand new already but i'll be checking the rest . justin
  21. that's exactly what i'd designed in my head ,have ordered some keyway steel and round bar . thanks again. justin yes not too bad at all ,I've ordered some new seals to go between the transfer box and the bevel boxes too
  22. thanks Richard . nothing like experienced knowledge over a manual. i'll have a word with Richard bannister and request that type. I don't have an old shaft so will have to make something up I think. ill look up the adjustment details re the intermediate plate . thanks again. regards justin
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