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  1. 87 ET 77 Militant

    I’d called in a brake specialist as we couldn’t trace exactly where the fault was, they’d made the diaphragm then assembled it the wrong way round so I’ll be speaking to them about their invoice today.
  2. 87 ET 77 Militant

    I’ve yet to replace any fortunately, one of my next projects is to replace the grease nipples as quite a few are in need, if you get stuck sourcing any let me know as I have a local contact who may know - they must be out there somewhere.
  3. 87 ET 77 Militant

    After stripping, cleaning & lubricating the RIC valve, my Dad & I tried reassembling it with the gasket above the new diaphragm to try and cure the air leak when the foot brake is pressed. Once fitted back to the truck tonight it worked a treat. Such a small change made all the difference. Sequence was; valve block then push rod then diaphragm then gasket then lid.
  4. 87 ET 77 Militant

    7/16” fit perfect 👍🏻
  5. 87 ET 77 Militant

    Some more images from this weekend, found the leak from when the foot brake valve is pressed is from the exhaust port on the RIC valve, possibly the exhaust port not seating correctly. Few photos of the hydraulic repair also.
  6. 87 ET 77 Militant

    ...just checked - page 14 of this thread for the DOT fluid - sure it was just from a local factor.
  7. 87 ET 77 Militant

    Hi Ian, yours looks a beauty, I can't remember the spanner size for the bleed nipple but will try to work it out on Friday & let you know. If I remember correctly you top up the fluid via a tiny header tank under the driver's seat. We didn't bleed the slave I don't recall. Despite the big cost I'm glad the box & clutch pack is now sorted. I need to tackle the cab interior next and drop the engine oil & filters. cheers nick
  8. Spotted today....

    Spotted on the Derbyshire Distinguished Gentlemens Ride my brother organised last Sunday.
  9. New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    I have to persuade my windows up too, that vice is very smart 👍🏻
  10. 87 ET 77 Militant

    After having a total lack of air pressure in the system following a test drive once the rebuilt gearbox & refurbished clutch pack had been fitted I decided to call in Dr Air Brake from Wolverhampton. They traced the lack of air to a defective diaphragm in a valve just forward of the second axle. There was a wiring fault to the main gauge. Both of these were repaired and refitted. I then decided to go for a test drive and this time the back axle did not drag, gear changes nice and smooth too. On returning to base I thought I'd try operating the crane as it hadn't moved for a year. As I came to use the lever to move the main boom up & down, nothing happened except a large gush of hydraulic fluid from under the back deck below the spare wheel. It must have dropped about 6 litres of oil. After this my Dad & I went round and sorted out several air leaks pictured below; union to bottom of footbrake valve, n/s outer air tank union, n/s inner union & one below the tyre inflator. There is one on a relay valve with some form of filter or breather on it which I cannot tighten yet. I rang an old work contact, a hydraulic firm called Tidyco in Derby - cheaper alternative to Pirtek, who attended this morning. A forklift had to be used to remove the spare wheel from the back deck (crane usually does this) then the fitter could get to & find the ruptured pipe to replace it, I will try and get photos of this.
  11. Spotted today....

    These at the Anglia Motel on the A17.
  12. British Army Military Infantry Vehicle

    Would be such a shame to cover those glorious colours with green. What a beast.
  13. British Army Military Infantry Vehicle

    Yes very similar Clive, same tyres on my Mili.
  14. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2017/09/09/new-military-vehicle-hailed-answer-british-armys-needs/