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  1. Considerable progress in restoration to report Now have working brakes , a fair task as had to strip off reduction hubs to get to brake drums and the seized pistons! Make up all new brake lines and overhaul the master cylinder and air pac. Been out and done a bit of work using winch (with a new rope) to pull over a large dead tree. More cosmetics to complete but great to have her out and working!
  2. It is a floor change which is another variation from the US army documentation I have as all theirs were dash mounted column change. Going to try AEC guys for enfine manual as suggested
  3. So far not been able to find its WD number /records on any of the Royal logistics web based services. Is there another or better place to go?
  4. Hi Im restoring an Allis Chalmers 645 4 wheel loader serial number 6435 B and WD number 00FU35 Im seeking some information on the british army specific build of these loaders. I have a PDF from US army of their depot service manual but the british version differs in engine - its got a Leyland (AEC) AV505 rather than Allis Chalmers own diesel and has a different air over hydraulic braking system. Does anyone know where I might get a PDF or copy of the British Army Operators/Service manual? Also seeking an AV505 manual for the engine - serial number AV505 5C 5573 A7502 - these were used in several variants of Leyland HGV vehicles. Many thanks
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