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  1. Hi guys, Does anybody know the size/length of the v belts(twin) on the alternator/generator and where is best place to get them from? cheers, Ian.
  2. ok, so now I'm stressed!!!! I've just taxed my Milly (86 ET 47) online and done the MOT exempt declaration as prompted on the web site. I now have until the end of the month to get Odd Job ready and i don't think that will be possible. So Iain, i have to fill out a VTG1, send it in with £113, book with a local DVSA/approved examiner for a test, wait for the initial fail (and i bet she does), remedy the problems and then re-test? Frantically biting my finger nails!!! Ian.
  3. did mine about 6 weeks ago as the brass clip inside had stopped thrcentre moving....wish I changed the diaphragm. At the same time. Did you make it or get one off the shelf?
  4. Thanks, so, I must assume mine has bee rounded and I need a new nipple....once it get the old one off. Are they fairly easy to get hold of?
  5. been looking about and it seems to be too big for a 3/8" or 10mm and too little for 7/16" or 11mm so the only one i can find to be between them is 13/32". Did you get chance to check it out Nick?
  6. Hi Nick, This has been and interesting ready and a very insightful since i have been going through the same challenges after collecting my AEC a couple of months ago. Cheers, Ian.
  7. Did you get to the bottom of this as my speedo is dead too?
  8. Got to do the same on my Militant as i have to pump the clutch about 6 times, i assume due to moisture in the system. What size spanner is needed for the upper bleed nipple, what version of DOT 4 did you use and do you need to bleed the slave cylinder too? Thanks, Ian.
  9. Exactly right and I am still in regular contact with John. He used it at the council and then bought it from them, essentially it was in his hands from 1989 through to this year when i picked it up. I still have a lot of spares to collect and he has even offered to spend some time with me next year at shows to go through the minor newances.
  10. Prior to John owning the truck, he used to work for the council.....I assume for recovery of their fleet.
  11. Here is a video I took of her a couple of weeks ago
  12. Alas John had given up and I bought Odd Job from him a couple of months ago and i am now going through her sorting out all the niggles since she has sat for 7 years give or take. I’ll post some pics of how she is looking now. Cheers, Ian.
  13. Looking forward to it and ill be there with the 101 and rapier supply trailer. Honestly i do think this has to become Essex's flagship show over Temple at War as Temple is fairly restricted on size and the actual show ares is too fragmented....and everything is static. Bring it on guys
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