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  1. Hi Richard, Its hard to get Neil in front of the Camera !
  2. Some Photos from Jonathon's Visit for your pleasure
  3. Did You guys not respond to the CMV subscriber survey.....I told Key publishing that they had stuffed a once great magazine Completely ...I recommended they get hold of some old issues and have a read through them !.
  4. The blade assembly's were made "Britstand" and supplied as kits that were fitted in the field, mainly in the pacific. the first 6 were cable operated with a jeep engine used to power the winch, the next 6 used the same jeep motor but were hydraulic and the last 6 of which 3 survive including ours are hydraulic been driven off the main engine pack.
  5. We have been sitting on this for some time, we have most of the bits, Australia had 18 dozer conversions however I only have the WDN numbers for eleven of them, WDN 6940, 7352, 7384, 7386, 10277, 17359, 18766, 18771, 27732, 37159 and ours 46101. 3 were sold at public auction in the 1950s complete with the blades. we really don't have any intention to do anything with it apart from operate it when we can along with our other vehicles.
  6. Hi everyone In 1999 I acquired this vehicle and for some time its been sitting in the shed, Now we are working on it. Attached are some of our photos to date Kind regards Matt
  7. Glad you enjoyed the video, New engine pack is running well Richard, we re calibrated the Pumps because we felt a little under power following the rebuild and now we are just a little over ideal and we blow a bit of black smoke under load but we feel its ok. Richard, we still haven't fitted the new engine pack to the Dozer but its getting close.....
  8. Please see attached a link to a 7minute video of one of our Matilda's running around the farm.. Kind regards Matt
  9. And another for your interest Cost.pdf cent costs.pdf
  10. News paper clippings from the time, Kind regards Total cost of war machines.pdf
  11. Yes its our best Matilda, MkIIa. did you know that of the 2987 made only 146 were MkII's... We are working on our next one at the moment and hope to be mobile by Christmas. Richard, I hear you are living it up in Sydney at the moment...Drop in for a yarn if your passing by Kind regards Matt
  12. Hi Guys I collect Lots of Stuff....
  13. Thanks for the welcome every one, G'day Richard, Very cold at the moment however if we can keep the fuel up to the heater in the shed the engine pack for the matilda dozer is making good progress. kind regards Matt
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