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  1. weston zoyland airfield this weekend

    forgot to add beer on site 2 pounds a pint , burger van , film show sat night , maybe a few planes flying in
  2. i was sent this Gents, My name is Julian Hutchings from Middlezoy near Bridgwater. I am an MVT member and farmer and own part of the former airfield at Westonzoyland together with my family. We organised a modest military vehicle event on our land earlier this year and it was a great success, featuring in this month's Windscreen, the MVT magazine. It is our wish to organise other events on our land for like minded people and to mount a larger, public event in 2018. We wish to invite you all to participate in a small "get together" around the weekend of October 14th and 15th 2017. This will enable you to experience what we have on the airfield. You will be able to camp (if required) skirmish around genuine WW2 pillboxes, with approx 20 acres to roam or drive in. Hopefully this will whet your appetite to join us next summer. We have an association with the Westonzoyland Aviation Museum who are mounting their autumn exhibition in the village hall that weekend. This is a vast archive put together by Robbert Turner. You will be made very welcome. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Julian. its short notice , but if you are doing nothing looks interesting cheers
  3. MVs in 'The Bridge at Remagen'

    thanks for posting the photos
  4. For sale 1995 transit beavertail fitted with banana engine , very reliable winch wireless remote ramps , tow hitch Led flashing front lights and roof will come with new mot , both front wings have been welded since this photo if you are thinking of going to a show longer distances , this is the way folward , jeep on the truck towing a jeep trailer or caravan going on e bay next week 1200 quid pm for more details
  5. War and Peace back at the Hop Farm !!

    I wonder if everyone will want to be in exactly the same place as when the was held last? Who will be I'm millionaire's row Let's hope (apart from the trade )it's all moved round
  6. which one are you from the following

    i agree with the comment about a few more categorys its great to hear most here are up for putting display boards up , i think most of the puplic want to know -------- what is it worth why did you buy one how fast is it where do you keep it do you drive it / did you drive it here what other questions have you been asked ?
  7. hi everyone after many years of attending all sorts of events i have now noted the " ideals of exhibitors " 1 buy a ex military vehicle , drive to the show , park it up and do not move until end of show ( this includes day trippers ) put your chairs in front of your vehicle so no one can take a good photo 2 buy a ex military vehicle , drive to the show , park it up , drive around the arena 3 buy a ex military vehicle , drive to the show arrive late , and be the first to leave 4 buy a ex military vehicle , leave it at home , go to the show in a car , tell everyone you have a military vehicle 5 buy a ex military vehicle , tow it to show on a trailer , unload it , stand by it , reload it go home 6 buy a motorhome , tow your ex military vehicle to a show , most of the time park it next to motorhome ( this is the same as a military vehicle towing a caravan ) 7 buy a ex military vehicle , drive to show , put on a display ( this includes tents , fly sheets , camo nets/poles, ammo boxs , ect) these are just a few , if you can think of anymore please add these are not here to wind up people just to say " if you are a show organiser which would you prefer to attend " it is not hard to display vehicles , the normal is " got to park next to my mate , as close as i can in parallel " in a 2 acre field try placing your vehicle at 45 degrees , cover modern tables with hessian same as sand bags , cover your rear load area in you vehicle with canvas ( your cool box ) more and more shows put up ropes to divide sections off as walkways , use them to your advantage im looking folward to the replys !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets make 2017 not just a military display in the corner of a show , where the public just glance over and walk by this is just a hobby , MAKE IT FUN
  8. hi im after a lightweight canvas (got frame only need canvas) , any condition considered can collect at war and peace cheers
  9. Half Track Front Axle

    is it a white or international ?
  10. Interesting Selection of Preserved MVs on show in Moscow

    great post , thanks for letting us know
  11. belgium winter rally 2016 ?

    nothing on the bmvt web page , anyone got any dates yet ?
  12. is there going to be a winter rally next year ?
  13. Fury give away!

    army driver
  14. robin williams dies

    star of good morning vietnam , found dead in california
  15. i thought i would start a new thread photos please thanks