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  1. Hi all, I am now looking to take this on as a project myself and build my own LRC, still loads of research to do and measurements to take. Any advise would be helpful...if you have the draftsman's plans even better.. I will keep you updated as things progress. Regards Nick
  2. Doors open 1800 hrs to 2300 hrs. Setup anytime prior to 1800 hrs. Thanks Nick
  3. Hi Folks, I have been asked by the RSM of the Defence Academy at Shrivenham, Wiltshire, if anyone with ww2 era Military Vehicles would like to attend their Music and Fireworks event on 12 Jul 2018. They are also celebrating the RAF 100, so if anyone has a RAF vehicle even better. You don’t get paid for the event, but its free entry for you and a guest and last year the attendees were fed and watered in the Mess. PM me or drop me a email at nickparsons8891@yahoo.co.uk. if you are interested in attending this charitable event. Thanks In advance. Regards Nicholas
  4. Chaps, Was there a Reproduction Humber Light Reconnaissance Car built on a Land Rover 110 Chassis, I remember reading somewhere somebody had made one, just interested in reading the thread on it. thanks Nick
  5. The photo was taken about 1993 in Norway when I was with AMF(L) up in the mountains, The Landrover was FFR and was used as the main Military Police HQ vehicle, which I was the RSI for, in the picture I had set up a skywave twin radio mast and was talking back to the lads in Bulford. The vehicle was great, artic preheat fitted and twin strip heaters fitted in the rear, sometimes the seal around the sunroof leaked, but that was only having the heating turned up too much. driving on studded tyres was fun !! The next deployment after Norway was Turkey, we went from one extreme to another..
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, Just wondering if anyone on this forum has my old Landrover 71 KJ 32? Cheers Nick
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Chally was from Shrivenham, from my insider informant, it was offered first to Bovvy but they didn't want it, then to the Jordanians for spare, guess they didn't want it either. Apparently there is a number of surplus modern apc's and afv's that if bovvy or other museums don't want them they will be up for sale as well... I will try and find out what's up for grab. Cheers Nick
  8. I saw this pulling out of the Imber Village road just before lunch today http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v379/yvonneparsons/Army%20Div/100_0959.jpg A Man Recovery vehicle with a WW2 Priest ? on the rear trailer Cheers Nick
  9. Just reading this thread with intrest, last week our Church in my village (Ogbourne St Andrew) had its lead roof stolen overnight, not the first and certainly wont be the last, we not that far from a permanant traveller camp so have a guess where the blame is going:cool2: Regards nick
  10. The best thing about the afv's is that they are all runners !!!!! or nothing a bump start couldnt get going, from the resident REME/Tankie lads down there.:cool2: Nick
  11. I work on the site !!!! Nice photos's ! Regards Nick
  12. Quentin, I recall that we were briefed only to use the preheater prior to starting up, once the vehicle had to switich it off, they (REME) didnt explain why, I thought it may have been due to excessive drain on the battery. Sorry I cannot help you out with the other questions, I cannot recall if my cab heater worked at the same time, I was wearing so many layers I put grizzely adams to shame !! Cheers Nick
  13. It was between 1991 and 1993, I had a 321 HF set and a 353 VHF set and a 320 man pack in the rover along with mast, battery chargers, and bags of spare headsets and parts http://http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clansman I Think I had the twin mast and down wire connected to the 321 set... Cheers Nick
  14. They came like that as a standard fit, for most of the AMF(L) units in Bulford, all windows had a twist lock or velcroe straps covers which were handy when you went tac. These lany's also had pre heat for the engine, which you switch on 5 minutes before you started up, sort of a pre heat, preheat, also in the rear cab (which had a thermal lining) they had twin heaters running the length of it ;toasty once they were going. The only thing I found that the 'sun roof' sometimes leaked, Thanks Nick
  15. Yes they did, we only used them when the vehicles were parked up, if you left them on for a bit whilst you were running the engine to recharge the radio batteries or drove with them on the temp gauge went up rather quick
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