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  1. Hi Ian, thanks and yes i realy was pleased with the end result. Look forward to seeing you. Hi Richard, thank you for the info, i am searching ever part for something to help all figure out what it is. Hi Steve, thank you for the email it's a nice picture. Hi, yes Halley did build there own engines and gearboxes but at first fitted Tylor engines, as far as i know they have always built there own gearboxes. Also thankyou for the kind comments, it helps to drive you to get on with it. Thanks, i am the some with when i saw the Goslings Dennis and saw that it was possible to do it. Progress has been a bit slow but hoping to get going on the Halley to full speed again. Hi Doug, i have identified my Halley as a B35, off the top of my head i cant remember the length of my wheel base but will measure it for you. The sump on the engine is cast iron as it has a massive crack down one side at the front, and thank you for the kind words. Dan.
  2. Your absolutely right, i have looked for the other three but no luck, anyway its now a pattern. It was a nice surprise.
  3. Since sending off the crank i removed both cylinder blocks, cam shaft, oil pump drive gear, and water pump. Whilst moving the blocks around this fell out with some rust and cobwebs. Regards Dan.
  4. Hi all, just an update the crank has been removed shoot blasted, crack tested *which it passed* then it has been reground, the crank has cleaned up like new. Thank you to Price Brothers of Avonmouth for managing to give the old crank a new lease of life, a job well done. Dan.
  5. Hi all, just a small update, i have removed the crank from the engine had it shot blasted then dropped it of at engine re conditioners to be crack tested and then re ground as the rust and heavy wear on the bearing suffices means the crank does not look to good, but is salvageable will post pics when i get it back. Dan.
  6. I have only just fitted the engine in today,after getting it out the back of the Land Rover this morning, then lowered it into the chassis to measure up for some temporary brackets and found the engines support legs fit with an 1" 1/4 from the inside of my chassis rails and between centers from front to back the engines brackets are only 2" 1/2 difference from my original engine bracket bolt holes, also the top of the engine sits about the right height from the top of the header tank with the crankshaft sat at the right height for the starting handle. A massive thank you to the previous owner as now the Halley has a heart, this is a great start for 2014 and a step in the right direction. Here's some more pictures for you all to enjoy. Dan.
  7. Hi all, and happy new year, Santa visited the Halley with a late present, :shake:the weight probably slowed him down anyway i'll let the pictures tell you more?? ITS THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER (just like all big kids shreds of rapping paper everywere:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::clap::clap::banana::banana::banana:)
  8. Hi all, can anybody help or know were i can acquire a pair of rear swinging hooks for the Halleys rear end, any help would be much apritiated thanks.<BR>DAN.
  9. Hi Ian, it was a nice suprise to see you too and no prob with when your ready to collect the gearbox, thankyou. all the best Dan
  10. Hi mtskull, thankyou well the parts are only missing in a 3d matterial form but are there in my head so i just have to learn the skills required and take it from my head and make it reality, and thats the fun part. here are some pics of the box fitted to the chassis.Well its not the dogs ******** athough the cat likes it:rotfl: beware tiger security on patrol:shake: DAN oh and CHEEZY WOTSIT (the cat)?
  11. Here is all the castings assembled together after machining and painting in primer, next job is to machine all the bronze bushes and then to start planing the internals worm and pinion (thats going to be fun i think).DAN
  12. Heres some more pictures of the castings after some basic machining and machining set ups.DAN
  13. Hi all, sorry for not posting for a while and after a long wait here are the pictures of the stearing box castings, all the castings turned out faultless first time and is cast in s g ironDAN
  14. Hi all, if anyone is interested in an engine crate i have an ex RAF RR Sea Griffon engine crate complete with lifting rings and floor in sound condition, if so please PM me thanks Dan.
  15. Hi all, heres another piece of the story, i have now finished the steering box pattern after starting it just before christmas. 1. Side view showing the bolting face for chassis. 2. Showing both halfs split. 3.Inside face with side plate flange and core print. 4. View looking from the back showing the part that took some problem solving . 5. View of the front . 6. View showing two removible lugs that form the back stop bolt face also showing the core box built on one half of the pattern which the sand can be molded in to form a print due to the complex shape. 7. Showing the two lugs removed, this enables the sand core to be removed from the core box, when the core box is removed from the pattern the sand core will be put back to the pattern and then molded with the pattern to form the flange and the bolting lugs plus the core print for the side. 8. View showing all the parts of the pattern with all five core boxes, side and inside cores also showing the side plate casting and the steering colum base pattern. I am hoping to get to the foundry this week, cant wait. I hope this makes sense. Dan and Jen.
  16. Hi all, sorry about long delay in posting, thank you everyone for there kind compliments and also for helping in the quest of finding parts. I have been working on the steering box pattern almost finished now plus also making the patterns for the steering colum and side plate for the steering box, i havent started the internals of the box yet as i will try to finish the patterns first, i will post some pictures of these when i finish them. I have now fitted the radiator to the chassis and also made the bonnet frame that goes on the bulkhead to support the bonnet, heres some pictures. Dan and Jen
  17. Hi all, thankyou for all your kind compliments i enjoy what i do and if i can give other people enjoyment aswell then its worth it, iv been working on the rad again and apart from a filler cap she is finished that is one more drawing folded away heres some pics.regards DAN and JEN.
  18. Hi all, jen and i have been working on the radiator core today which started from index drilling the tubeplates (brass now not ply) to fitting all the tubes in the bottom tube plate first, that was the easy one then alinging the top tubes that took a bit longer but got there.These pictures are to show how clean the soldering is. Regards Dan and Jen.
  19. Hi David, the plywood one was stronger than the cardboard one as an econamy fit :cheesy: but Geepig does have a good point short term anti leak system. Here are the pedal pics as promised Regards Dan and Jen.
  20. Hi all, sorry about the long wait, i have been working on the Halley's radiator header and bottom tank, i was going to make patterns for them and get them cast but the amount of time this would have taken i thought i could fabicate them and finish them off to look just like castings also building in machining alowance for distortion that over the total length i managed to keep it within 1/8th of an inch on the machining faces. Both parts have been machined and index drilled for the tube plates and all the flange mounts have been machined true to the base so that the pipe fittings bolt up nice and level to the rest of the radiator, i finished all this last week and was started to panic about what to do about the core and then on friday a freind popped in by chance to see what was in the works, and whelst talking to him and showing the radiator he said he had a pile of new old stock radiator tubes in his atic so after he mesured them on friday eve he said yes to a visit on sat morining that we did and i bought 160 of them, i have since cut down and removed 3/4 of an inch of the giles from the sawn down end and put them into some plywood to see how thay look and now the Halley has a face:yay: :yay:and a brand new radiator made to one hundred plus years works drawing. The back of the rad showing the first row being fitted. Have also machined and fitted the foot tread castings will post pics when i get them enjoy. DAN AND JEN.
  21. Happy christmas Tony Steve and all the family, the first ball joint was machined free hand and took me all day to machine the one ball and the shank, also the same for the cups so i then ground up a tool for machining the sockets then lapping them into the balls with paste. The ball was a bit more tricky in the end i dismantled the compound slide and bolted a rotary table to the sadle on the lathe then fixed my cutting tool to the table, so i could machine the ball round and it worked really well. I have fully machined two am machining a therd now and started the forth and have also started the track rod as well. The next machining chalenge is the steering box :shake:. Happy christmas all and a happy new year from Dan Jen and the Halley
  22. Happy christmas David, i did not think i would have to machine them neither very time comsuming but so proud of them. Happy christmas from Dan Jen & the Halley.
  23. Hi all, some more pics of progress on the machining of the track rod ends. DAN AND JEN
  24. Heres some more pics of the new castingsDan and Jen.
  25. Hi Rod, i also look forward to the day i can drive her on the road thanks. Heres some more pics enjoy.
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