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  1. CornishMade

    WW1 Peerless lorry restoration

    :-D I remember going there with father when he did the museums peerless, great time, it shut for lunch and we were locked in so father could get up close to theirs, great wandering in and out of tanks:-D
  2. CornishMade

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Father says the peerless is the same 5 per inch, and he also had child labour to help:-)
  3. CornishMade

    WW1 Peerless Truck

    very nice:laugh:
  4. CornishMade

    Shuttleworth Collection WW1 airshow

    Great line up,,,, would be looking even better with appropriate Peerless in the same uniform:cool2:
  5. CornishMade

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    The Peerless didn't sneak home in your back pocket then !!:wow:
  6. Yes, have found it, but what is someone is prepared to pay, like everything in the world what we want to pay and what we actually pay are different , good looking though, along with FWD and PIERCE ARROW :-(:-(:-(
  7. He also had a fully restored peerless he once entered in the London to Brighton many years ago, we went up to see it once, would be interesting to know what it sells for......
  8. CornishMade

    London dukw sinks....

    My partner and I have been on one of the yellow london duck tours, it was funny, informative and my partner really enjoyed it, yes the water was within easy reach of the windows but we payed and we took our chance, that was our choice and responsibility ,it's a shame but we were obviously lucky
  9. CornishMade

    Matador Gallery

    I was having am browse through this thread and I thought this may be the right place to post these, looking a bit sad, parked quietly in the middle of nowhere
  10. CornishMade

    What bits on Cummins engine?

    What is this temp sender at the back of the cylinder head, only one connection on it ? [ATTACH=CONFIG]67902[/ATTACH] I've had a word with Dad and he thinks this may be a cut out switch that is linked to oil pressure and or possibly temp, so very low oil pressure and it would cut out, and very high temp it would possibly do the same, depending on the model some had a button on the dashboard to press when starting to do with oil pressure, if that's any help or idea?
  11. CornishMade

    What bits on Cummins engine?

    I'm seeing my dad this saturday,I will ask him if he can help, he use to work for cummins how old is engine ? and what is the vehicle that it's going in
  12. CornishMade

    - a hello from Cornwall

    Hello and welcome from another pair of cornish and slightly mad rust monkeys
  13. CornishMade

    How to polish buttons

    It could be a lot worse than that, our bins have turned up with the metal peel back tin lids in the bottom who dosen't know the difference between metal and paper????? and sometimes plastic and cellophane all gets pulped !!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. CornishMade

    How to polish buttons

    If you knew what was put in paper bins for recycling, newsprint isn't the best paper, its good for cleaning glass as well:whistle: