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  1. Thank You Neils, great links, I have bought some items from WW2 relics and have had great success, He is actually on the hunt for more links for me now. Thanks so much for the further info. I have collected about 50 links to date, so lots to go, but they are out there. I have heard rumors of full sets in France, but so far no luck tracking them down. Regards John
  2. Hello searching for Panther tank track links, will consider any condition as long as serviceable, trying to put a complete set together, will consider one link to complete sets, also searching for other panther parts, please let me know what you have, will collect worldwide. Regards John
  3. Chieftain Bazooka plate

    Hi Bob I will take that plate, will send you an email Regards John
  4. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Hey Rick I sent you another PM Regards John
  5. Identifying Shermans

    What about the Israeli M50 and M51?
  6. Is there a way to see this in English?
  7. Sherman Tank Instrument Panel

    Sold pending funds
  8. For sale: Sherman tank Instrument Panel, very complete, comes with all wiring, plugs and back panel, all instruments intact, includes circuit breakers, intended for Ford GAA engine I believe, but can be modified to fit others, Getting harder to find in complete shape, will ship worldwide, FOB Vancouver BC Canada, EFT Or wire transfer preferred, tired of Paypal fees. $1000 USD plus shipping
  9. For Sale: one Sherman tank all around vision cupola, getting harder to find every day, cupola is in good shape, will of course need new vision blocks and a a cleanup, Please Note: No Hatch with this cupola, hatch in the photo is just a metal plate. Will ship worldwide, $2500 USD plus shipping. FOB Vancouver Canada. Wire Transfer or EFT payment preferred, getting tired of PAYPAL fees...Other Sherman Parts available as well
  10. That's too bad Adrian, thank you for the reply though. Sepp I am working on an M4A3...I can see where on the hull the strips were mounted but not the thickness or width of them Regards John
  11. Looking for you on this one Adrian! Regards John
  12. Does anyone know the dimensions and thickness of the steel strip welded along the hull bottom on VVSS Sherman's used to mount the sand shields? It appears to be applied in sections, not one continuous strip. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards John
  13. chieftain AVRE

    Congratulations! Do you know much about its history or in service life? john