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  1. Here is a picture of an M4A2 muffler and the rear plate of the M4A2 without the muffler attached. The opening has been masked off to prevent green paint over spray in the engine bay. Muffler bolts right to the rear hull plate above the pintle hitch. Also a picture of the M4A2 rear idler (HVSS), hope this helps! Regards John
  2. It has been my experience that the M4A2 and M4A3 hull were virtually identical, lower wise. M4A4 being longer than both. The M4A2 has a dual muffler assembly that bolts to the rear plate and has no opening to access the engine. The bolt on muffler outlets seem to vary a bit, this could be between M10 and M4A2's? Adrian will be able to be definitive. The M4A3 has the engine access door as well as an exhaust outlet on either side of said door. Two cast exhaust outlets usually feeding into an exhaust deflector of some type. But to be fair the M4A2 also had a variety of exhaust deflectors. Checking out the VVSS idlers on the M4A2 and the M4A3, they seem to be the same, even the HVSS idler mounts seem identical, but this is from a quick glance so don't quote me. Check out the Sherman Minutia homepage for great detailed photos of the differences between Sherman variants. http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia John
  3. I have heard the steel in tracks referred to as "Hadfield Steel" Evidently its composition is such that it work hardens, The fellows that cast new Tiger 1 links in Russia have used the same steel, 10-14% manganese...
  4. Thanks Adrian, I totally forgot about that, he mentioned that once before! Thanks so much John
  5. Hello all, on the hunt for a Centurion breech block to complete our non-firing tank gun. Any tips or leads would be greatly appreciated. Currently have parts readying for shipment in the UK for Canada. Be great to include this. Regards John
  6. Any chance you could post a picture or two of the Conqueror ARV? would love to see it Regards John
  7. Hi All looking for a Centurion tank bustle rack, will consider all, any condition, preferably with cut out for IR light Regards John
  8. I could be totally wrong on this, but I want to say that the Dirty Dozen halftrack eventually made its way to the Littlefield collection in the US, and was sold at the auction following the donation of the collection to The Collings Foundation...feel free to correct me on this, not positive at all John
  10. For Sale early Sherman Grizzly turret trainer, has had bustle removed and observation holes cut in the sides, no range damage, could be restored to use on a tank, comes with commanders vision cupola but not the top hatch, also does not include turret ring. Does include early M34 gun mount and later mantlet, both gun mount and mantlet have rang damage but are repairable. Turret is located in Vancouver Canada and I will assist in export and shipping worldwide at buyers expense., Turret with cupola, gun mount and mantlet $20k Canadian or offers. Best contact is by email to: jdmcm2005@shaw.ca
  11. Hello all, looking for a Scorpion turret traverse mechanism or parts thereof and a breech block for the 76mm L23A1 gun. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Regards John
  12. Thank You Neils, great links, I have bought some items from WW2 relics and have had great success, He is actually on the hunt for more links for me now. Thanks so much for the further info. I have collected about 50 links to date, so lots to go, but they are out there. I have heard rumors of full sets in France, but so far no luck tracking them down. Regards John
  13. Hello searching for Panther tank track links, will consider any condition as long as serviceable, trying to put a complete set together, will consider one link to complete sets, also searching for other panther parts, please let me know what you have, will collect worldwide. Regards John
  14. Hi Bob I will take that plate, will send you an email Regards John
  15. Hey Rick I sent you another PM Regards John
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