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  1. Identifying Shermans

    What about the Israeli M50 and M51?
  2. Is there a way to see this in English?
  3. Sherman Tank Instrument Panel

    Sold pending funds
  4. For sale: Sherman tank Instrument Panel, very complete, comes with all wiring, plugs and back panel, all instruments intact, includes circuit breakers, intended for Ford GAA engine I believe, but can be modified to fit others, Getting harder to find in complete shape, will ship worldwide, FOB Vancouver BC Canada, EFT Or wire transfer preferred, tired of Paypal fees. $1000 USD plus shipping
  5. For Sale: one Sherman tank all around vision cupola, getting harder to find every day, cupola is in good shape, will of course need new vision blocks and a a cleanup, Please Note: No Hatch with this cupola, hatch in the photo is just a metal plate. Will ship worldwide, $2500 USD plus shipping. FOB Vancouver Canada. Wire Transfer or EFT payment preferred, getting tired of PAYPAL fees...Other Sherman Parts available as well
  6. Much appreciated!
  7. That's too bad Adrian, thank you for the reply though. Sepp I am working on an M4A3...I can see where on the hull the strips were mounted but not the thickness or width of them Regards John
  8. Looking for you on this one Adrian! Regards John
  9. Does anyone know the dimensions and thickness of the steel strip welded along the hull bottom on VVSS Sherman's used to mount the sand shields? It appears to be applied in sections, not one continuous strip. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards John
  10. chieftain AVRE

    Congratulations! Do you know much about its history or in service life? john
  11. A pair of Matildas on the move

    What a stunning video, things like this help to re-invigorate me, uninitiated people always ask the same question...what are you going to do with your tanks when they are complete....I am just going to refer them to this video and say..."that's what I'm going to do!" john
  12. new Sdkfz 182 / tiger 1 resto

    Personally the "Panther" I am going to try and create will be a replica, albeit with some genuine parts, but it will never be anything more than that. And that gives me a lot of latitude in its construction, the hull and turret will only be thick enough to avoid having to use an inner structure or framework which gives that "movie prop" look. The rest, well we will see, the Russian fellows who built the stunning Tiger 1 replica a few years back came up with an interesting coil spring suspension system...so the fact it is not a "restoration" will allow some real creativity John
  13. Identifying Shermans

    Just a note to let everyone know, restoration of M4A3E2#73 is slated to begin this July, there will be a dedicated web site and Facebook page to follow the restoration progress. Regards John
  14. Panzer 2 turret

    Absolutely inspirational work, that gun is a work of art! John