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  1. I was very lucky to get this. I might put it up on Flickr as well as it's the last one flying in the UK and not always spottable. As a classic aircraft other spotters might appreciate it.
  2. At about 14.30 today, doing circuits around Yeovilton, the BAC 111 ZH763 from Boscombe Down came over the flat with a suitably loud roar. Luckily it went round again, by which time I had got the camera out.
  3. I was issued one of those in cold weather at Brize Norton (1970-72) when doing ground runs as ground crew on Britannias. Was always a shame to hand it back afterwards!
  4. If I recall these were much better than the RAF blue ones.
  5. I've reposted this (it came from a friend) on facebook, very good of the Canadian squaddies and fair play to the young man too. Always found that the Belgians are great, if you're British (but not a football hooligan). Done some road marching over there and always had a good reception, especially when I was in uniform.
  6. Don't know how any one could take any offence at that, Regards, Paul.
  7. Anyone else having trouble uploading piccys, I've made them as small as possible, but still no luck.
  8. Lightweight Landy Reg DUJ ???T going through Keynsham about 17.30.
  9. Spoilt by c**p music.
  10. Amongst many other things at the Bournemouth Aviation Museum today, an unusual 101 ambulance.
  11. This was a great day, thanks to all who organised this, and to Bournemouth Aviation Museum for the venue.
  12. You might try http://www.thesixappealwheelgroup.org/ for pics.
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