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  1. I'm searching for power distribution units, that were connected to army generators, FEPS, Light Field Generator, Harrington.... Especially 400V Distribution and 230V Distribution with AC connectors. Some are shown here: https://www.blakley.co.uk/sites/default/files/DDS401_FEPS_Compatible_Distribution.pdf
  2. Hi, your CPU doesn't seem to be a standard issue one. I had some issues a year ago with a new IB2. When I pressed the over-ride button, the fuse blown off. The reason was two changed cables in the IB2, which were soldered to the wrong position. I can send you the EMER with the circuit diagram for all Intercom Boxes, if you send me your mail adress as a PM.
  3. Hello Shaun, i've send you a mail with the handbooks.
  4. Hello Shaun, Module 3 is the Driver 1 Module for the battery charge channels 1 - 4. If you need the user manual with a fault table, send me a PM with your mail adress and I send you a copy. Rene
  5. No, I havn't. Not sure if they'll help out a private collector. Been there last year and they had a set in their exhibition. Ok, didn't know that the CIG had that capability.
  6. I thought the only crypto part was the Portable Transfer Device PTD BID290/2. I heard that some years ago, a set was for sale at W&P in Beltring, maybe it shows up in the future again.
  7. Got nearly all ancilliaries complete, but the TX/ RX and CIG are still missing? Does anyone have some sources for this equipment?
  8. I'm trying to complete a SCRA (T) kit for my Land Rover, looking for the TX/RX Unit and CIG for some time. Still got several parts like vehicle and elevated antenna with cables, control keyer with cables, TX/RX mount, many handbooks ..... Just wonder if here is someone who actually has an complete SCRA (T) and could swap me some information. Doesn't seem to be very common. Are there working SCRA's in collector hands? Are there PTDs for the CIG around?
  9. I am looking for SCRA (T) parts and a Ptarmigan SUB SET/ Static Subscriber set. To contact me, please send me am PM. Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm searching for a Clansman BID/250 Simulator for a DMU Box. The correct name should be: BID/250/1&11. If you got one for sale, or even a real BID, please contact me via PM.
  11. Hello, does anyone else have problems with audio feedback, when using the AAFL and a standard handset? I think the sidetone of the clansman handset is causing this problems, I don't have these issues with a Bowman Handset. Is there a solution for this anoying feedback?
  12. I'm searching for RB44 brake pads for some mates, who are running out of spares for their RB44's. If anyone have some for sale, please contact me.
  13. The programmer on the right is also used for the Racal/Thales YEOMAN radios, an interim solution between CLANSMAN and BOWMAN. The terminal on the left could be a part of the AWDATS, maybe a dismounted version. It looks quiet similar to the one in the Abbot and AS90.
  14. They should be a 7pin m/m and a Coax each side. Suitable for the 353 and 352.
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