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  1. Lynx22B

    Flat towing a Ferret

    Are you aware that the Canadian Ferrets had different hubs than the Brit hubs? The Canadians apparently improved the hub internals. If you won a surplus Canadian Ferret, it will have the different hubs. Towed one for about 300 miles once at about 50 MPH behind a Deuce and a Half, but those are not towing eyes, they are for tie downs. I hated those vehicles when I served. Still do.
  2. We are having a problem registering some ex military Land Rovers, we can't figure out the year of manufacture. which is needed for the paper work. This is what we have: SALLDHAC8BA257881 90 Diesel Reg Number 60 KJ 15 Cont No LV2A/004/Item 24 Code No VB 1625 NSN 2320/99/893/8038 Second Veh: SALLDVAC8AA268260 Third Veh SALLDVAC8HA700460 Any help in decoding would be greatly appreciated. We're in Canada, these are ex BATUS
  3. Don't worry. The Army is watching what's going on very carefully.
  4. Lynx22B

    Ferret Painting Question

    Canadian Ferrets did not have them painted red. I served three years on Ferrets, and no Ferret of ours had any of the hatches painted red. Ever. It's a Brit thing.
  5. Lynx22B

    Military Land Rover help needed

    Thanks guys, as always very helpful
  6. Can anyone tell me how to determine the year of manufacture of a Military Surplus Land Rover? Everything but the date is on the data plate. I have the following info from it: VIN: SALLDVAC8HA700460 Registration 60-KJ-15 Contract Number: LV2A/004/ITEM 24 Code# VB1625 NSN: 2320-99-893-8038 Thanks Guys.....
  7. Lynx22B

    M806A1 (M113A1 Family)

    Does anyone know the winch capabilities for this vehicle? Total weight capable of recovering/moving?
  8. A full scale replica has been built for the Calgary Tanks regiment for their museum gallery. Down to the correct paint colour, and this number has come up. Anyone have info on it and what it actually looks like?
  9. Lynx22B

    M901 APC's

    I'm curious about all the M901 TOW APC's that appear to be in private hands in the U.S. There are numerous pics of them sitting in other than museum settings. How did they get out there? Anyone know?
  10. Lynx22B

    New Ferret Questions

    Pretty sure it's Canadian. Any other pics? Did you have a name and Call sign before priming? If so, can pretty much pinpoint it's original Regiment. If it's LdSH, can possibly find pictures in our archives. U.S. turn signals and U.S. alternator are an easy identifier.
  11. Lynx22B

    Canadian Cold Weather Parka.

    How ironic, that was the worst version of the Canadian Arctic Parka issued. Non detachable hood, and the liner material bunched up and significantly reduced it's usefulness. Saw lots of those issued to static bases and non combat units, though some did get to combat oriented units, they were soon gotten rid of. The next style was much better.
  12. Lynx22B

    Ferret Help

    Thanks for that, it is a Canadian Mark one, no turret. We thought about bringing it in sideways, but can"t do it. We have to bring it in upright. Our only option is to remove the suspension units and reinstall. This is a permanent display. Are the springs under tension when the suspension is fully relaxed ?
  13. Lynx22B

    Ferret Help

    We have removed the bins and fenders. We have an issue with getting it in, due to it's width.
  14. Lynx22B

    Ferret Help

    We are moving a Ferret into our Museum Gallery. Due to restrictions getting it through many doors, we have decided to remove the suspension units and move the empty hull in and then reattach the units. You guys know more than we do, so what are the procedures and cautions in this plan?