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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/112040416298?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Lights, mirrors etc also listed by same seller.
  2. Just out of interest, why did you suddenly decide to watch a show that is over 30 years old ? The reason I ask is I have just finished watching it on DVD after suddenly deciding out of the blue that I wanted to see it again after all these years ! :-D I wonder if there has been something on TV, radio or in a magazine that mentioned Airline ? The bit that I liked is that for a 'mainstream TV' show, it was actually quite well portrayed from the flying aspect with a fair bit of detail that I suspect would not be 'jazzed up' enough for modern viewing.
  3. Has anyone 'recorded' (or whatever it is nowadays) Episode 7 when they had the airborne drop canisters and the WW2 aircraft were on ? I would really like to get a copy in some format If someone has the means to do so. Happy to cover any costs obviously.
  4. Apparently last nights meeting saw the Stow council having received a large amount of correspondence in support of the Collings Foundation but still the council refuse to budge or re-visit their original decision. A more cynical person may think there was a financial incentive behind their stance... The Collings Foundation are going to continue with what looks like a long battle.
  5. And the local council have tried to stop the Collings Foundation from flying from the airport using a by-law which although it does not permit the restriction of aircraft movements but they still tried to implement it as if it does. The local council have now been told by the governmental aviation body that this is illegal and is not to be upheld. You'd think Stow would grab the opportunity that the Foundation will bring with tourism etc as there's nothing else to go to Stow for ! There was a meeting last night but can't find any updates yet.
  6. The Collings Foundation do a lot of excellent work for schools and veterans associations. As a historical military vehicle movement, is there not something we can do to show our support ?
  7. Mike, I remember them to. Wasn't it on ebay ?
  8. The first Spit and Hurricane lined up and then the second. Vera and the BBMF Lanc came taxiing right past us with the crews waving. The Spits and Hurricanes took off and then Vera did but with full tanks she needed a longer run than normal and the BBMF had its tail up and was off the runway as Vera climbed out. Makes you think what it would be like with a few tons of bombs added. They formed up and then came straight over us which was a truly magnificent sight :-D
  9. They are doing the main shows but the crew are whacked. Time differences, late evening practice, early morning practice, day after day of continuous flying has taken its toll.
  10. Unfortunately, tomorrows 3 Lancs at East Kirkby has been cancelled. All tickets are still valid if anyone wants to go along to see some of the other events taking place tomorrow or you can hold on to them as they are trying to reschedule another date and the tickets will be valid for that. http://www.lincsaviation.co.uk/news/latest-news/3-Lancasters-Flying-Cancelled.htm
  11. Just an update, speaking to a colleague last night who is actually working on the Merlin for the Canadian Lanc, it seems the Supercharger failed dramatically and two engines were made available - one from East Kirkby and one from the BBMF which is the one they have gone with but there are several differences between a Packard and a Rolls built Merlin which they are having to overcome.
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