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  1. Hello do you still own this if so would you consider selling or would you build another my son has asked for an rc scammell for his birthday thanks Eddie
  2. need to find parts for a clayton dewandre airpak casting is broken on mine near bleed nipple it is off my Leyland hippo but is same as fitted to stolly pic shows part I need thanks in advance
  3. Winch is powered by ford 6d engine I just have to fit the diesel tank for winch then we will try running it
  4. Was told when I brought it that they had that much trouble with comms they dropped this out the back of a herc sent a radio up with balloon and used it to bounce signal off
  5. It was ex RAF cardington I brought this and the winch last year but had to wait for better weather to retrieve the winch from a field this was the original winch for this but was removed by RAF mounted on a shipping pallet and used in gulf hence the sand colour
  6. The hippo has finally got its winch back on
  7. There was a couple in an auction here in UK last year but didn't need one then I could do with one now to move some stuff
  8. hi anyone know where I can find a set of container dollies like these
  9. chap I know has really good cab for sale he brought it for his mj but sold mj before fitting pm me and I can get you his phone number
  10. Got 2 pioneers in south lincs also know of 2 others a couple of miles away you are welcome to look at mine all the best with yours eddie
  11. hi thanks for the welcome will try and get some pics uploaded will have to ask my brother to help not very good at computer i find they dont respond to a hammer as well as my scammell eddie
  12. hi all my name is eddie new to all this forum stuff but have had military motors as long as i can remember have a chevy cmp and austin k9 on road and i am trying to restore a scammell pioneer when not raining
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