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  1. Pete

    De activated rifle or SMG

    I don't think that there's such a thing as a "cheap latest spec' " Deac'. They've just brought in yet another spec', where there can be no cock and click (Includes bolt actions, and pistols.), so dealers are having to re-chop their stock. That'll be reflected in the price. And of course, it's now illegal to sell previous spec' (EU 2016 included.) to anyone who isn't a Section 5 holder. Jim, DWSUK have got a couple of the latest spec' Sterlings.
  2. Hi. No I didn't. But there must be a spec': https://www.dandbmilitaria.com/deactivated-eu-uk-spec-lpo-50-flame-thrower-sn-slpo
  3. It's all a complete farce. No more "Cock and Click.". Meanwhile, the scrotes are off to the local pub with £500 in their grubby paws, to get an old Eastern Bloc pistol and rounds. 'sake!
  4. : http://s320.photobucket.com/user/outdug/library/A Mucky Day at Beacon Hill 18-2-08?sort=9&page=1
  5. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    Thanks for the info'!
  6. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    That's it Chris, just gee the Pete up....
  7. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    Does this make any sense to you Chris?
  8. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    Chris, my one is a * conversion with the trigger group. Rocking horse poop for the good un's.
  9. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    The job's a good un.
  10. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    Top notch Chris!
  11. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    "Stoppit Pete, just stoppit."
  12. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    "This flapping was brought to you by The Historic Weapon Display Group." https://www.facebook.com/historicweapondisplaygroup/
  13. Pete

    Lanchester SMG Sling.

    So, after me flapping, the gun arrived, and James (You know who I'm on about. ) had thrown a correct sling into the parcel. Result!