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  1. Hi Larry This is coincidence as I 'was' just about to seal one of my FV432 diesel fuel tanks with POR15, and was a little concerned... I have cleaned both tanks out with milkstone remover which I sell for descaling milking parlour stainless steel milk pipes, this I left to soak for 24hrs and has cleaned the little rust away , I had in one tank with well. I happened to speak to the owner of Tank school yesterday and he mentioned that he had sealed one fuel tank and it pealed off and caused no end of problems, so I am just going to thoroughly rinse out and put the tank back in. The POR15 could cause a few health problems if you happen to breath the vapours in without the correct face masks. Richard
  2. Hi Dale Thank you, this might help you. Richard K60 Solenoid.pdf
  3. I have just helped a friend start his Abbot FV433, he had the engine out all connected up outside the front and it was turning over and plenty of fuel coming out the top bleed on the fuel filter, only I could not here the solenoid engaging so, off came the hydraulic oil tank so I could get to the inspection cover for the solenoid linkage and then we tried again and you could see it was not moving and it was rusty; so WD40 and away she went. I have a burning question, Ok, WD40 did the job, only long term what is the best lubricant for around the solenoid linkage and the rack, you can see some type of grease around the rack from other post's. Any help much appreciated. Richard
  4. Hi Chaps Here is some information I have received from a company that I would recommend for sound advice. There are some valid points, about the pump. Where did you get the info from stating it’s a witness hole ? as far as I remember we’ve never seen that hole on any of our castings, possibly an earlier version of the pump ? the pump is what 60 years old? Maybe there was a design change when it was adopted for the warrior ? Im not sure how that hole would have access to the lubrication chamber between the seals, if you look at the cross section below the 2 seals are number 10 (the item between the seals is a wick that holds lubricant) the hole in your pics are on the motor side of the mounting flange ?? Part of the EMER even says to fully submerge the unit to water proof test the pump! If you do this you have risk of water getting into the area between the seals.. which would not be good!
  5. Thank you Clive. These vehicles are sent to try us!! What would be interesting, is how many people out there have faulty pumps and do not even know it!!. Richard
  6. Thank you Terry, there had to be a reason why its there. I have only been running the pump for no more than an hour or so, as I have just bought the pump as a reconditioned pump. My old pump had been on for well over ten years with not any problems.... Richard
  7. Hi Andy,Clive and John Thank you all so much for your helpful advice and information, I cannot see any hole in the drawing, so it could be an old MOD plate weld hole, who knows. I am going to send the pump back to EICS and I hope to get a replacement without to much fuss. If anyone comes up with anymore information, I would be most grateful. Sheaun at Carwood, Coventry did say, the are often welding these pump casings, so it might be a common fault, only keep your eyes open guys, as the hole was hidden behind the MOD Sticker. Richard
  8. Hi Richard, we use a low temp aluminium weld called Durafix when we have to fix housings on this pump see below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1njyuPBIH0 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Durafix-Aluminium-Welding-Easyweld-Brush/dp/B00GG09068 Id suggest the unit has that part of the housing removed and cleaned of any traces of fuel before you attempt any repair Hi Andy,Thank you for looking further into this, Shaun say's this does seem to be a problem and suggests welding,I am going to try this as the pumps works fine, if you do find the EMER drawing that would be fantastic, maybe Clive has it ?. Richard
  9. Hi John I hope this might help, the hole was behind the MOD sticker.. Richard
  10. Hi John I will get a photo at the weekend, the hole is just in front of the bottom bolt that goes into the collector filter box; its in the black outer casing of the pump, if that helps. Richard
  11. I have just replaced my old FV432 fuel pump next to the collector filter with a reconditioned one, only to find it is leaking/weeping diesel very slightly where the pump is bolted on to the collector filter box; now most of us would think its just the cork gasket leaking.....!!well after three attempts ,I gave up with this idea and placed the pump and box up high so I could see where the slight leak was coming from and when lifting the pump, the 'MOD' date sticker came away from the base of the pump housing. Then to my amazement I saw a small hole not much bigger than a needle size, the hole was hidden behind the sticker. My question, is this hole there for a reason?, it looks like it should be there, only my old pump never had this slight weeping. Is there anyone out there that has the EMER on this pump please, just to put my mind at rest. I believe they are still in use on some of the modern vehicles. The easy way to rectify the leak would be to just use a self tapping screw. Any help would be much appreciated. Richard
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