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  1. Some very nicely made parts there,always good to see. Its a good job I don't have a Big 4 or I'd be having to add a chair with a driven wheel !
  2. Is it possible that it was built from all new spares after the war ? Les at Russell Motors told me the story of how he spent about 6 years building brand new Matchless G3l's from WD spares.
  3. Petrol, unlike engine oil,(Which in a way I think we are spoilt with) is a nightmare.As said the more you know,the less you know.I had problems a few years back with Ethanol eating a fibreglass tank on one bike.Also my rigid AJS trials bike suffered badly from the ethanol drawing in moisture and causing low speed running problems.At the time I solved it by using Aspen Alkylate petrol which has no ethanol and a 5 year shelf life.The engines run really well on it,but its very expensive. I still run all my chainsaws and strimmer on it because they are all 20+ years old and modern petrol ruins the rubber/plastic components in the fuel system. I can happily leave them over winter and they still fire up with no issues. My G3l and the AJS now seem happy on Shell Optimax which was "Supposed" to be free of ethanol... I never worry about valve seat additive, I rebuilt the AJS engine 9 years ago,its done alot of work since then and shows no sign of compression loss or needing pushrod adjustment.
  4. I've fitted little 10A blade fuses in all our G3l's,they don't seem to suffer any battery drain but I like the fuse being there in case of a direct short. Some people don't think they should be fitted,but things get very hot very quickly and with an open carb mouth it wouldn't take much...
  5. The civvy stand was already on the bike when my son bought it,so it was just a case of himm copying the foot on my bikes stand then welding it on, Ron is absolutely right about trying either Steve or Les for parts,both are very helpful. The other thought is the Kempton Autojumble - Steve Surbey is usually there and we often arrange to collect parts from him there to avoid postage costs.
  6. Welding a foot onto a civvy one is exactly what we did on my sons G3l. Oil and fuel caps are the same.
  7. I didn't actually see the Dodge in the water,but was told about it the next morning.Apparently it was held up by the traffic trying to get off the beach because the traffic in the village was all jammed up. Only what I was told...
  8. Well we made it home yesterday afternoon,just the one breakdown on the way back ! Steve's Matchy cried enough just south of Salisbury and ended up in the van,he rode back to my place on my bike... The carbon brush in the mag had made loads of dust and was shorting the spark out,not something I can remember seeing before.It was a new one fitted before the trip... My bike went very well apart from the new voltage reg packing up,my brothers bike suffered a failed head gasket,(Also new) my son Jack's bike had the gearbox mainshaft nut come undone, allowing the clutch to move in and out. Easily fixed,as was the head gasket kindly donated by Chris Orchard, just my reg that couldn't be fixed.The other Steve's very freshly built M20 went very well and is getting better all the time. The picture shows the Cull family's trio of old ladies back in the workshop drying out...
  9. Hi Ron, very sorry I didn't manage to catch up with you at the campsite.We had a very busy time,so much to see and do. I was also kept busy during the week with a head gasket job on my brothers G3l,(Replacement donated by Chris Orchard - Owe him a big favour) gearbox mainshaft nut on my son's G3l ,dry clutch rollers protesting on Steve's G3l and the clutch trying to explode on Rob's 16H. A suspect voltage reg on my G3l meant a flat battery for me all week too.Then the other Steve's G3l had a mag "issue" and conked out just south of Salisbury on the way home in the rain, took a lift back to my workshop in the van... So a busy,but very interesting and emotional time. Is it possible for you to post caps to me ? I am happy to pay whatever postage and packing is necessary.I would like at least three if they are available please.
  10. Just realised it was you Steve that my son Jack and I met at the steam rally in Abergavenny on Sunday. Jack had popped in to the rally whilst waiting for me and my Aussie brother to pick him up. That Triumph looks very smart,see you next week !
  11. Thank you for doing that Ron, I spent all day behind a steering wheel - didn't make it into my workshop...
  12. I'll take some pics for you,won't be until late tomorrow as I have two long journeys to do in the morning.
  13. Our plans are moving forward,nearly a full day on our two G3L's, and the very welcome sight of Stevo on his first test ride out on the newly built M20.Nearly 30 miles to get to us, so a reasonable test.It sounds lovely and starts first kick,been a while since I rode an M20,a very different ride to the Matchy !
  14. Tony, I think there is confusion here.Low Fat is talking about P38 EKA entry,if yours is cranking then its past the EKA stage and the BECM and engine ecu are needing to share the same security code - Nothing to do with the EKA.
  15. Cheers, I'll have a look on the M20 site. Be nice to get our bikes on the list too.I'm sure the Normandy trip is going to be very interesting, plenty of things to see and people to catch up with.
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