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  1. Glad that my drivers floor pressing tools came in useful again. Congrats on the rear hull plate track adjuster support relief pressings. I will need to get mine done...but they are different because I have the fish plates too.
  2. I wonder if there was ever any shallow wading instructions done for the loyd, can't imagine there were as they were such a poor design for keeping water out. Simple instructions: Wading, Don't Attempt.
  3. Who on earth was still in a position to need to fire 17Pdrs in 2011?
  4. Blimy it will be finished soon Pete!
  5. I read that Donnington Park Race Track has either been sold outright or been leased out, thus the museum had to go as that was not required by the new owners / occupiers. It would seem to have been a good move as Kevin and the team have been getting a lot of vehicles out to companies for restoration over the last year.
  6. A hell of a lot of work Pete, I bet you are glad they are over! Now I can do the easy bits.
  7. Hi Mark, Page 20. http://the.shadock.free.fr/Surviving_Achilles.pdf
  8. I saw that Adrian’s M10 has been sold and is now on display at its new home in Russia.
  9. I first saw these two in their position outside the museum back in 1994 on the 50th anniversary before I travelled over to Normandy. Today a video popped up on YouTube of the two being lifted onto a transporter to be sent away for restoration. I th8nk that was a couple of years ago. Any news or photos of the current condition of the two. I guess the Churchill is from Pounds and the Grizzly is one of Ian McGreggers Portuguese imports.
  10. This is the missing handle support, I photographed an original a few years ago.
  11. I don’t think you used enough clamps on that 😀 Nice to see those old back plates having a new lease of life, I thought they would end up in the scrap.
  12. That looks good Pete. Yes I have the missing end in the workshop. I also have a photo with dimensions showing the missing starting handle support. The easy bit to bend up and weld on for me to do!
  13. I'd spend some time scouring through NW Europe wartime photos of your type of vehicle, you are sure to find an example of what you want and then you can justify your decision in the face of purists. All late loyd came out SCC15 with no cammo, but what was done in the field is not so exacting. I've captured a movie still of a Loyd going over a bridge in NW Europe with a late model WD number clearly visible and disruptive wave pattern on the metal and the canvas!
  14. I first saw it on a response to one of the Weald Foundation Facebook posts.
  15. Great photos, are there any more of the engine and gearbox In the chassis?
  16. As usual it’s a Loyd Carrier based question, however I’d imagine it applies to many other vehicles too. There is a service rifle No4 Mk1 clip in front of the driver on a Loyd, as well as Bren Stowage setup on the back of the engine cover. Would weapons have been allocated per vehicle or would they have been personal issue items that may or may not have been stowed in these positions?
  17. Interesting that the early Loyds had those inspection plates but the later 'mass produced' versions like mine did away with them.
  18. It’s on its wheels now. Engine and gearbox in in Q1 2019. The kids showed an interest when the Loyd had its first roll out this week.
  19. Its all good fun. Colleagues at work watch the show and it seems to come up in conversations in a positive fashion. If you have any kind of in depth knowledge of an area I'd advise against watching any TV program concerning it or watching a news item on it as its is sure to be a huge let down.
  20. Good call Pete, I ordered the spare from him this evening. Thanks,
  21. Do as anyone know where I can obtain a spare screw for retaining the safety on a British manufactured No4 Mk1.
  22. Pete, Those triangular..ish radiator brackets are supposed to have a couple of bends in to jog the rad height.
  23. Glad to help save a Starter Charger Pete!
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