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  1. Steve willys

    Insurance for Harley

    Hi andy i think it's not about the bsa, for me personally its finding a ww2 bike that is original as you can get, I don't want a bike that is 80% original and the rest made in China or wherever, I need to feel and touch the history, my Indian is poorly but very original and my 44 mb jeep is in a sorry state but 100% original, that's what's important to me, others may differ and that's ok i also like to run my veh's as they were built, so no modern electronics, no conversion to 12 volts etc, but that's just me, I suppose I am lucky because I have been a mechanic all my life regards steve
  2. Steve willys

    Insurance for Harley

    As with all old bikes they are reliable if you look after them, main thing is to have a good magneto for a good spark on Brit bikes. as Ron said his is a 600 so a fair bit faster than mine but strangely when we was in Normandy his was more economical, to be honest I don't do much over forty because of the brakes, but the Indian is no better reagrsd steve
  3. Steve willys

    Insurance for Harley

    Hi andy, that's really easy, I have a 1942 bsa wm20 that I have had for about 3 years, I love it. the Indian still scares me with the foot clutch and hand gear lever but I like a challenge regards steve
  4. Steve willys

    Insurance for Harley

    Hi, do you have any other motorcycles? I have a classic multi bike policy, it cost about £40 to add my Indian 741 to it regards steve
  5. Steve willys

    Wanted jeep rear crossmember

    Hi, does anyone have a genuine rear crossmember to fit my 44 willys jeep? thanks steve
  6. Steve willys

    For sale Lucas dizzy cap

    Hi, I have a Lucas distributor cap looks to be nos, 400316 and rotor arm 405468. Believed to fit wartime hillman, Humber, standard vehs,i can email photos,£50 thanks steve. 07968504521
  7. Steve willys

    Bicester Heritage "Flywheel Show"

    That's a really great set up you have there, I would loved to have taken my wm20 but I think they wanted £24 for the honor of going! Shame because it's a great venue. Steve
  8. Steve willys

    Royal Enfield wdco

    Hi, there is a nice barn find Enfield on car and classic, looks very nice, ref no is c959823 i have no connection to seller, just thought you guys might want to have a look. steve
  9. Steve willys

    Triumph 3HW Saddle Material...

    I agree the modern vinyl seats ruin the look of any ww2 bike, but they do turn up pretty regularly on places like epay, sometimes at ridiculous prices, but I have recently found a couple for my wm20 and it looks so much better even if it quite worn. Be careful tho because there seems to be a lot of slight variations in the size steve
  10. Steve willys

    Triumph 3HW Saddle Material...

    Hi Ian, I think all ww2 bikes seat material was a form of plastic called rexine, leather was in short supply in the war. Some bikes that were sent to hotter climates had canvas instead, you can imagine what hot plastic was like...... steve
  11. Steve willys

    Indian 741b

    Thanks for replying Ron, my switch just seems to turn off battery supply, it would be interesting to see if we have the same switch fitted,let me know the best way to maybe exchange some photos, there doesn't seem to be a lot of info about on these thanks steve
  12. Steve willys

    Indian 741b

    Hi all, I have just purchased a 1942 Indian 741b, it is painted in a very old dark green colour and it has a Bakelite switch under the seat, somebody has said this means it is ex British forces, can anyone shed any more info on this thanks steve