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  1. Thanks for the info guys, that’s just what I needed, now I’ve just got to find a pump.......... steve
  2. Thanks for the picture Ron i can’t find any info on who it was made by, if it was brass or the length regards Steve
  3. Hi, does anyone have any details on the tyre pump fitted to this bike thanks Steve
  4. Hi I'm am looking for a wc12 or similar, must be in good condition and running thanks steve
  5. Okay, I think I have two, will get some pictures tmrw steve
  6. Hi, I have a front end, if you need some photos let me know, I can email them. i am in northampton regards steve
  7. Hi, I have never used hardener, just sprayed as is, just wiped it down with wd40 or similar and it gives a nice patina regards steve
  8. Hi, does anyone have an original tyre pump,valve and clips or a skid plate? For a 741b thanks steve
  9. Nice looking bike, mine is still under repair, is yours a runner? regards steve
  10. Some photos do exist of New Zealand despatch riders in Italy in 1944 and some Aussies using them in southern France again in 1944, so at least they saw some limited action in the war i can relax now that it wasn't Harley's that won the war 😂 Steve
  11. Hi andy i think it's not about the bsa, for me personally its finding a ww2 bike that is original as you can get, I don't want a bike that is 80% original and the rest made in China or wherever, I need to feel and touch the history, my Indian is poorly but very original and my 44 mb jeep is in a sorry state but 100% original, that's what's important to me, others may differ and that's ok i also like to run my veh's as they were built, so no modern electronics, no conversion to 12 volts etc, but that's just me, I suppose I am lucky because I have been a mechanic all my life regards steve
  12. As with all old bikes they are reliable if you look after them, main thing is to have a good magneto for a good spark on Brit bikes. as Ron said his is a 600 so a fair bit faster than mine but strangely when we was in Normandy his was more economical, to be honest I don't do much over forty because of the brakes, but the Indian is no better reagrsd steve
  13. Hi andy, that's really easy, I have a 1942 bsa wm20 that I have had for about 3 years, I love it. the Indian still scares me with the foot clutch and hand gear lever but I like a challenge regards steve
  14. Hi, do you have any other motorcycles? I have a classic multi bike policy, it cost about £40 to add my Indian 741 to it regards steve
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