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  1. ST4B/9251 2003 8345-99-125-1126 National Flag UK & NI. An Op Telic bring back from 2004 by a member of 1st Bn the Black Watch (RHR).
  2. I can't help you with your question but I do also have one of these belts, came with some 58 pattern webbing I got recently.
  3. Perhaps of interest, an officers uniform jacket using the contract code 78/CLO/5929 without the A at the start of it.
  4. Brilliant, great to learn something new.
  5. Jerry B

    Combat vehicle crewman's helmet

    Pretty much as I expected, but always good to hear it from someone else. Does anyone know what did they replace this with in current service?
  6. Jerry B

    Combat vehicle crewman's helmet

    This site suggest the prototypes were first seen in 76 and issue started in 1983, which seems about right. http://www.cascoscoleccion.com/granbret/gbdanda.html
  7. Had this one a while but the exact dating for these seems to be uncertain and the contract number does not appear on the comprehensive list on the forum as far as I could see. It came complete with headphones and mic and plug in jack lead and desert camo paint so I assume it saw service in the first gulf war. Thanks.
  8. Smock Army DPM 68 pattern J Compton Webb Sons & Webb marked as, I think it says; CW & Son LTD 1971 S78/CLO/33893/DCAP(1) Nato size 2
  9. Edward, I did buy it, mostly based on the sellers crappy pics and the price of £15, but I had some hopes that it was the version without the first aid pouch on the rear of the right sleeve as I thought it might be pre 84 from the contract code and the dates published online for that contract. It was cheap and if as it seems it is a post 84 version with the FA pouch, oh well, such is life, still a good smock para to have in my collection.
  10. the example with the number was one I showed as a comparison and is not mine. It was the other one I was interested in confirming its age. Thanks for the idea.
  11. perhaps my eyes deceive me but you have the first SL31's in 1983? Sadly the pick of the reverse of the right arm is poor so I have to wait until it arrives to check if it is there or has been removed. It has what appears to be a wing shaped velcro patch above the left chest pocket and signs of other removed insignia. I shall await its arrival. Thanks for helping.
  12. I assumed it was post 84, but not as late as post 95, but it was partly because it seemed to run out of sequence that I asked and I appreciate you answering. I bought a Smock Parachutists today, label is SL31A or B, not sure which and it appears to have no first aid pouch so pre the 1984 introduction of this feature I think is correct, but post 82 as the earliest SL31's appear to be 1983 from your research. It is a named type, J Compton Webb and Sons. I notice that the headdress by them uses a different label from an earlier date, is it known if they had split into two different firms or just used different company names for clothing and headdress?
  13. Jerry B

    A couple of 70s dpm bits

    Do you know of any for sale?
  14. Jerry B

    Size 3 para smock on ebay c. 1978

    Very nice smock, hard to find one of this date with the imperial size I think.
  15. A wonderful resource for dating post 1960's British army uniforms and other kit. the one that sticks out as possibly out of sequence is the CT1A numbers being dated as late 1990's whilst all the other CT numbers are early 80's. I have seen a smock parachutist with a NSN of cg 8415-99-132-4019 on what appears to be an early 80's example and also a CT4B with the NSN of cg 8415-99-132-4013 on another early 80's para smock. both have the green wash & reproof labels typical of the early 80's period. I appreciate other dated equipment with the CT1A contract number was used to place these in the second half of the 90's, but it just seems odd that this is the case. It has the first aid pouch on the rear of the right sleeve, so it is post 1984, but looks pre Army 95 kit. Thanks