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  1. Glad to have obtained footage of your Ferret albertamj. Excuse the poor quality, I took it off the TV using my phone's camera which isn't the best!
  2. Note the turret! VID_20181018_221824.mp4
  3. I was watching a programme on BBC 2 N.I. about 1970 in Northern Ireland and saw your Ferret!
  4. I fitted relays in the headlight wiring of my 101. Made the halogen lights brighter and also takes a load off the existing wiring and switches.
  5. Thank you. Appears to be the same lead so I've ordered one.
  6. Thanks for all your replies. I've had a look on eBay, but there don't appear to be any leads for sale at present.
  7. I have a headset where the cabling to the plug has been cut. Can the white cable in the photo, ie the one without copper wires protruding from it, be re-joined to its equivalent on the connection plug?
  8. And smell the oil. OEP220-type oils will have a much stronger smell than engine oil.
  9. The track grips on our ferret were badly cracked, so were replaced with bar grips. I left the ferret at my local tyre fitters for a few hours and when I returned they told me that only 3 of the track grips had runflat inserts! They put them back inside the new tyres. So I now have 3 "bulletproof" wheels!
  10. CANCEL! Finally figured it out. Have to click on the large logo at the top of the page. Doh!
  11. Please see screenshots of what I can see on the website
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